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Why Use The Tarot

It’s an interesting question, why use the tarot? People have consulted tarot readers for hundreds of years and most seek out this form of divination for one reason – guidance and reassurance on major life issues. Divination is seeking knowledge of the future or of the unknown by using supernatural means. That sound like fun […]

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why use the tarot

Tarot Spread Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Here is a basic guide to the Celtic Cross Tarot spread, which is the one most people first learn. This layout uses the same principles or assumptions that you will encounter in almost all layouts – the card position acts similarly to an astrological ‘house’, providing the context (past influences, foundations,future […]

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tarot spread celtic cross

Tarot Reading: Misunderstandings and Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of misinformation about Tarot Reading around. Here are six questions that I get frequently asked on this web site in regard to Tarot reading. Is Tarot Reading Fate Or Free Will? During a Tarot reading the question of whether a card in the “future” position is absolutely “gospel” is a matter […]

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