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Food Symbolism

Food symbolism can be be found throughout many cultures and such serves as an important language that helps you unlock your inner world. Symbols Symbols contain collective beliefs and can be used as powerful tools in your own spiritual journey. Your thoughts will often express symbolically. The primary function of a symbol is to express […]

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food symbolism

Talismans and Amulets

The wearing of talismans and amulets was practised by all the great ancient civilisations, and especially Ancient Egypt, from which so many symbols emerge.  Centuries of magical faith and experience support the belief that these legendary luck-bringers can attract good luck or avert misfortune. The form of many amulets, such as the Ankh cross, the […]

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ankh - talismans and amulets

Do Good Luck Symbols Work?

Good luck symbols and symbolism are popular in almost every civilization, culture and religion that has evolved on Earth. They are deeply ingrained in your way of life. Symbols impact your subconscious mind and if the influence is strong enough they can  stimulate confidence, effort and good outcomes. Whether we realize or not paintings, pictures, […]

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do good luck symbols work

Animal Symbolism

Animal symbolism is important for many cultures. Traditionally many cultures have used animals as symbols. Native people of different regions often view animals as their teachers. Each animal represents a beneficial quality that can help strengthen and educate you. Once you understand each animal’s character and symbolism then the specific gifts and strengths it represents can […]

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animal symbolism