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Being Alone Vs Lonely

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alone vs lonely

Are you alone or are you lonely? This is an interview and discussion regarding alone vs lonely – why are you lonely and what’s missing from your life? I answer both questions. This is part of episode 7 of the now defunct radio show “Inspired By” where I was interviewed by Gaynor Lawton. Here are […]

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How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

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spirit guides

So perhaps you have recently become aware of Spirit Guides and their role to guide you through life and provide you with advice from the spiritual realm in times of need. Perhaps you have recently felt their presence and guiding hand, an inexplicable feeling that there is a force near you caring for you and […]

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Drug Abuse = Spiritual Crisis

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Drug abuse is incredibly prevalent in society that it amazes me to see that more people don’t link it to a spiritual crisis. It’s a problem of isolation and spirituality fixes that problem. As an ex policemen who has seen drug abuse first hand I know that the current approach toward drug addicts is outdated […]

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