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Reasons The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work

In this video I answer a question I get asked often – “What is the law of attraction”? I also discuss nine different reasons the law of attraction doesn’t work to your liking. I could really rephrase that as, the law of attraction is always on and working – it’s just that a lot of […]

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reasons the law of attraction doesn't work

Soulmates Are Your Mirror

Soulmates The subject of soulmates is an intriguing one for most people but did you know that soulmates are your mirror? You are probably curious to know how you can meet your soul mate or if you may have already met your soul mate without even realising it. A question I am often asked is; […]

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soulmates are your mirror

Attaining Enlightenment Through Relationships

Relationships can be difficult and challenging spiritual practices. Attaining enlightenment through relationships can be even more challenging. Relationships give us the opportunity to test our skills of communication, intimacy, authenticity, and integrity. They also give us a chance to retrieve our soul and our spirit. (what is spiritual enlightenment?) Are you stale? Have you stopped […]

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attaining enlightenment through relationships