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Developing Psychic Abilities

You Have Psychic Abilities We all have psychic abilities. Some of us may have more natural ability than others, the same way that you may be inclined toward sport, music or mathematics. But just like any other skill, your psychic abilities can be enhanced with training. The following basic tips can help you in regard […]

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Psychic Energy

Let’s answer the question, what is Psychic energy? The table below shows you the interpretation that different systems use. The Golden Dawn L.V.X. (latin lux meaning light) Hinduism Prana, Shakti (fem), Shakta (mas) Judiac Mysticism Ruach Elohim (Holy Spirit), Shekinah, Chiah Modern Psychology Psychic Energy, Libido Taoism Chi (or Qi) Other sacred fire, mana, fohat, serpent fire, […]

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Intuition & Psychic Ability

Q: What is the difference between the sixth sense, intuition, and psychic ability? A: They’re all related to each other. A lot of the psychic ability comes from mental transfer. You’ll be with a person, and a thought will jump across from them, enabling you to pick up the direction they’re going in their life, […]

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Meditation Technique For Developing Psychic Skills

This short essay about meditation to improve your psychic skills. I wrote it in response to several inquiries made to me from something I posted on some forums. I said that I had learned a technique from the Spiritualist Church where I was trained in the art of mediumship. Channeled material is but an aspect […]

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