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Why The Power Of Positive Thinking Is Not Working For You

You might find that today’s message on, why the power of positive thinking is not working for you – will help you a lot in the future.  You probably already know the power of positive thinking – that an optimistic outlook will serve you well. Being involved with many entrepreneurs, business owners and sales people – on […]

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Spiritual Guidance 26 Life Principles

Here are 26 life principles that will give you spiritual guidance. Read them and absorb them they are deeper than you may realise at first glance. 1. Everything Is One: Everything in the universe is part of one Great Spirit / Force / God / Higher Consciousness / Universe / blah blah you know what […]

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Positive Attitude Tips

A positive attitude is essential for success in any endeavour. It allows you to experience gratitude and helps in the reduction of stress and anxiety. In this article I have some great positive attitude tips and quotes. If you are surrounded by negative people here is another article about positive attitude tips specific to being […]

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Path To Prosperity

Most people need to learn how to think. It is important because whatever you think continuously becomes your personal reality over a period of time. Every time you think the same thought, you are giving energy to that line of thinking. With this kind of repeated push of energy your thinking patterns become fixed and […]

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