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Meditation Technique For Developing Psychic Skills

This short essay about meditation to improve your psychic skills. I wrote it in response to several inquiries made to me from something I posted on some forums. I said that I had learned a technique from the Spiritualist Church where I was trained in the art of mediumship. Channeled material is but an aspect […]

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Intuition & Psychic Ability

Q: What is the difference between the sixth sense, intuition, and psychic ability? A: They’re all related to each other. A lot of the psychic ability comes from mental transfer. You’ll be with a person, and a thought will jump across from them, enabling you to pick up the direction they’re going in their life, […]

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Spiritual Guidance 26 Life Principles

Here are 26 life principles that will give you spiritual guidance. Read them and absorb them they are deeper than you may realise at first glance. 1. Everything Is One: Everything in the universe is part of one Great Spirit / Force / God / Higher Consciousness / Universe / blah blah you know what […]

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Prosperity Prayer

Prayer connects you to the invisible intelligence that is hard-wired to your soul. Prayer is asking for help and wisdom. This Prosperity Prayer began circulating around the world via the Internet in the late 90’s. Since then, many people that have used it have reported they’ve found new work or received unexpected sources of money and […]

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Angel Messages

Angel messages can be “heard” by anyone in a variety of ways. This is an article by Doreen Virtue who channels the angels and explains how this can be done. Doreen Virtue was known as the “Angel lady” but in January 2015, Doreen heard a sermon about false prophets. Doreen recognized that she matched the […]

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