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Chaos Servitors – A User Guide

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Chaos Servitors Design Sequence 1. Define General Intent. The first step in designing a Servitor is to decide the general sphere of influence into which your intention falls, such as healing, protection, binding, harmony, luck, divination, mood enhancement, success in …., and so forth. Defining your general intent will assist you if you wish to […]

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Sex Magick Rituals

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sex magick rituals

Many sex magicians prefer to perform their sex magick rituals in the form of auto-eroticism and/or having intercourse with a partner. But there are more possibilities and variations. You may wish to take a look at them and consider to implement them in your sex magickal practice. Solo Sex Magick Rituals “Hey, don’t knock masturbation. […]

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Introduction To Sex Magick

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What Is Sex Magick? Sex Magick means using your sexuality and the energy created from your sexual drive in order to do “Magick”.  There is nothing new about this, it’s been going on for thousands of years. In fact some say that it’s the secret of all secrets. Many esoteric groups use it for spiritual […]

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