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Wicca The Eightfold Path

This originally came from the Gardnerian Book of Shadows by Gerald Gardner, 1957. Wicca the eightfold path is a method to enlightenment and bliss. Not all witches and Pagans follow this particular path. Wicca – The Eightfold Path The First Path: Mental discipline which includes intention and concentration of that intent. Mental imagery, visualisation and […]

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wicca the eightfold path

The Eightfold Path or Ways – Gardnerian Book Of Shadows

Return To Index Gardnerian Book Of Shadows (1957) The Eightfold Path or Ways 1. Meditation or concentration, actually by the firm knowledge that you can and will succeed — forming a clear picture in your mind or your requirements. 2. Trance states, Clairvoyance, Projection of the Astral etc. 3. Drugs, Wine, Incense. 4. Dance, Performing […]

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