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Food Symbolism

Food symbolism can be be found throughout many cultures and such serves as an important language that helps you unlock your inner world. Symbols Symbols contain collective beliefs and can be used as powerful tools in your own spiritual journey. Your thoughts will often express symbolically. The primary function of a symbol is to express […]

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food symbolism

Out of Body Experiences – FAQ 5

(…Out Of Body Experiences FAQ’s Contents) (…Out Of Body Experiences FAQ’s Part 4) What are lucid dreams? Let’s discuss lucid dreams. The term lucid dreaming refers to dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. It was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden in 1913. It is something of a misnomer since it means […]

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out of body experiences

Active Imagination

Active Imagination is the Oracle within. As an adjunct to dreamwork, Jung developed a technique he called active imagination that allows anyone to consult an oracle within themselves. Active imagination is a process of consciously dialoguing with our unconscious “for the production of those contents of the unconscious which lie, as it were, immediately below the […]

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active imagination