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The Gospel Story And The Path Of Initiation

The path of initiation, the evolutionary journey on which we are engaged is marked off by five major points of crisis, major expansions of consciousness, which are the five steps to Liberation and Mastery. Reprinted with the kind permission of Share International Magazine. Authors Details: Benjamin Creme is the British chief editor of Share International, […]

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the gospel story and the path of initiation

Initiation – The First Four Initiations

Initiation is the process of Ascension. This is the process of living and mastering ones self through the successes and failures of this and / or other lives. There is a natural evolutionary process for creation called Ascension. As eternal spiritual beings in this physical incarnation our role is too experience, learn and master this […]

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Change Your Thought Patterns

It is possible to change your thought patterns. We live in our mind with all its limitations, ideas and thoughts and most of us feel very comfortable there. Some of us live with a brief glimpse of our spirit, but many of us never see it at all. Knowing our spirit and blending it with […]

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change your thought patterns