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Pleiadians: Gods Trapped in Illusion

From the Pleiadians. Welcome, indeed, to an opportunity to expand your consciousness, to an opportunity to demonstrate your cleverness, an opportunity to read energies. This evening’s discussion is going to be a continuation of the chronicles of those on assignment out on the fringes of certain galactic systems. These chronicles concern the gods trapped in […]

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Astral Projection: Voyages Of The Mind

Indeed! Astral projection, what is this? Many individuals do believe that it is a new frontier that which needs to be explored to be further understood. Astral projection was utilized by many ancient individuals from that of the Aztec Indians to the Egyptian individuals, those that would not exist onto the planet Earth and as […]

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astral projection


Indeed, Your human race has spoken of angels or angelic forces through eons of your existence. Artists have, indeed, painted pictures that would include images supporting wings, that which some call halos, if ye will. These images be depicted through your religious bodies. Now where did these thought forms and images derive from, what are […]

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Angel Messages

Angel messages can be “heard” by anyone in a variety of ways. This is an article by Doreen Virtue who channels the angels and explains how this can be done. Doreen Virtue was known as the “Angel lady” but in January 2015, Doreen heard a sermon about false prophets. Doreen recognized that she matched the […]

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