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Third Eye Chakra Healing Music 720 Hz

Using sound you can bring balance to your chakras. Each of your chakras vibrates to a specific frequency. With this Third Eye Chakra healing music you can balance your Third Eye Chakra. When you listen to this music you are giving the frequency of the music to your body. Your Third Eye Chakra aligns to […]

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third eye chakra healing music 720Hz

Introduction To Chakras

Here is an an introduction to Chakras. They are energy gateways to your physical body. There are many chakras throughout your whole body and your auric field. These chakras influence you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Read a little further as this introduction to chakras will teach you the basics. Introduction To Chakras – 7 Main […]

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introduction to chakras

Aligning Your Chakras & Grounding Meditation

Aligning your Chakras with this grounding meditation is a great step forward toward enlightenment. Using this Chakra protection and Grounding meditation is an excellent way to bring more light into you.  It’s also one of the best ways of protecting yourself when channeling, doing readings or doing healings. Find a quiet room where you won’t be […]

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Aligning your chakras