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Gardnerian Book Of Shadows Initiation Third Degree

Return To Index Initiation Third Degree Magus: “Ere we proceed with this sublime degree, I must beg purification at thy hands.” High Priestess binds Magus and ties him down to the altar. She circumambulates three times, and scourges Magus with three, seven, nine, and 21 strokes. She then unbinds him and helps him to his […]

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Initiation Second Degree

Return To Index Initiation Second Degree Magus binds Witch as before, but does not blindfold her, and circumambulates with her, proclaims to the four quarters, “Hear, ye Mighty Ones, (name), a duly consecrated Priestess and Witch, is now properly prepared to be made a High Priestess and Witch Queen.” Magus now leads her thrice around […]

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