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Physical, Astral & Divine Levels Of Existence

Let’s talk about the 3 levels of existence. Physical Astral and Divine. You have access to all three levels of existence depending on your state of vibration and ability. The Physical Level Let’s start with the physical in which we all live. This is the furthest point from source or God and it has the […]

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levels of existence

Violet Flame Meditation – Part 2

(…Continued From Violet Flame Meditation Part 1) PART II: Healing With A Violet Flame Meditation Preparation for Receiving, the “Taking” For this Violet Flame meditation sit relaxed with legs and arms uncrossed and feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Please, be open-minded, honest and willing to receive the […]

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violet flame meditation

Kabbalah – FAQ Part 2

Here are some Kabbalah specifics continued from the Part 1 article Part 1: Kabbalah General.  Let’s begin by answering the question, “What is the Great Work”? The Great Work “Do not pray for your own needs, for your prayer will not then be accepted. But when you want to pray, do so for the heaviness of […]

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The Principles Of Spiritual Power

Beloved Masters lets speak of spiritual power, I have given you what might be considered “more advanced” information of late in order to stretch your imagination and expand your consciousness so that you could gradually incorporate into your reality some of the vastness and complexity of your world, solar system and the Universe. At this […]

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spiritual power