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Depression, Success Can Lead To It

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why the road to success can lead to depression

Success & Depression Depression , horrible and so common … it creeps up on you in so many ways… My names Aymen and I’m going to explain why   “the road to success without change” can create depression. When I say success I’m talking about reaching your own personal goal.. whatever that is .. The […]

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Toxic Masculinity Is Harming You.

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Toxic Masculinity

This  is for all you guys out there because toxic masculinity is harming you… I’m going to explain to you why men are in crisis. The World Health Organisation tells us that 260 million people suffer from Anxiety and over 350 million people suffer from Depression .. it’s a massive problem. Here’s a big call […]

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The Reason You Worry & Why You Can’t Stop It

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the reson you worry and why you can't stop it

Worry Is Negative Goal Setting Did you know worry is negative goal setting? If you understand that your thoughts create your future reality you will see “worry” as a major problem. Once it starts it’s like virus. It spreads and it’s hard to stop… Hey – If you like my video don’t forget to LIKE my […]

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Being Attached To “Stuff”

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What Are You Attached To?  This episode is about “stuff” – no it’s more than that. It’s about emotional attachments to things, people and past situations. We are all emotional beings and I believe that many people have emotional attachments to many things, people and situations. Listen to Aymen Fares being interviewed by Gaynor Lawton […]

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How To Find Happiness

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Have you ever felt let down when you finally achieved a goal you have been striving for? I was explaining to someone that the disappointment they felt on achieving a goal was due to them using only their masculine energy, action, for the process of achieving their goal. Incorporating some  “being.” would completely change how […]

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Eleven Ways To Relieve Stress

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relieve stress

Here Are Some Great Ways To Relieve Stress I was in my twenties when I first learnt about stress and how a change in thinking could relieve stress and eliminate it. I was working for a boss who was gruff, rude and arrogant, totally disliked throughout the organisation I worked for. He hated people being […]

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How To Cure Depression

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cure depression

It’s unfortunate to view the statistics in regard to depression in the western world. It’s very prevalent in society and it impacts both men and women in a variety of ways with women being more likely to suffer from depression during their lifetime. It’s a bold claim but I can give you the answers on […]

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Stress – The Causes, The Risks, And The Cures In the developed world, we like to think that we’re generally a lot healthier and less at risk of devastating epidemics than those in less developed countries. In fact, we’re in the grip of several epidemics – and all of them have a serious impact upon […]

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