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Angels In The Bible

We are going to discuss angels in the Bible. In Judaism an angel is a spiritual entity in the service of God.  Angels play a prominent role in Jewish thought throughout the centuries, though the exact meaning of the word has been subject to widely, at times wildly, different interpretations. A number of numinous creatures […]

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angels in the bible

What Is An Angel

Angelic guidance is divine guidance. Angels are making their presence felt everywhere. Once I started opening myself up to the possibilities of the angelic realm little reminders began catching my eye every day. That brings up the question of what is an Angel? There are lots of Angel definitions that people have used to describe […]

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Angel Messages

Angel messages can be “heard” by anyone in a variety of ways. This is an article by Doreen Virtue who channels the angels and explains how this can be done. Doreen Virtue was known as the “Angel lady” but in January 2015, Doreen heard a sermon about false prophets. Doreen recognized that she matched the […]

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