Life Coaching

As your coach I will partner with you and guide you through a process that will help you unlock you potential. It’s an empowering process that ultimately helps you achieve what you want. You benefit from improved performance and an enhanced quality of life. I become your personal resource and I help you grow both personally and professionally.

life coaching

Life coaching is one of those hard to define terms. It’s almost become a main stream profession in the same way personal training has crept into society – however not all life coaches are created equal.

That’s because Life Coaching is not a Science it’s an “Art”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m better or worse than any particular coach – I’m just different, I have clarity with life and see things that others don’t. Your coach or mentor requires more than just decades of coaching experience. It’s also the broad experience with people and situations that you can draw on for help overcoming your challenges.

In my uniqueness I will be a perfect match as a coach to some of you – you decide.

Let’s start by attempting to define what life coaching is?

Life Coaching is a special relationship between you the client and I the coach. As a coach I help people from all walks of life and each relationship is different. I guide you in stages at your pace and I offer you a non-judgmental point of view. This allows you the recognition of your own enormous potential. The result is that you achieve your objectives much faster than if working alone.

As a result of corporate contracts, I’ve done plenty of ‘standard life coaching similar to what is described in this article but that’s NOT what I’m about. I have a depth from which I can give you so much more.

Intuition or “Special Psychic Powers”

I am what some would call an Intuitive coach and a healer. That means I lean on my heightened intuition and other talents to discern what is creating the pain or problem you are experiencing. Then usually using only words I can either heal you or guide you to a solution. I am extremely practical and broad minded, having helped people for over two decades now – it’s highly likely I can help you.

You will appreciate me if you like;

that I am very strong and direct. I don’t beat around the bush and am not afraid of confronting an issue and telling it like it is! With the ability to pierce your psychological wall, I’m not intimidated and I am not frightened of saying what needs to be said. This is coupled with the ability to get straight to the heart of an issue. No matter who you are, I will give you a “No Nonsense”, “No B.S” approach.

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Rather than give you a resume that shows my experience because I have done a lot;

Owned several businesses in fitness and property

Coached thousands of people individually and through workshops

Raised a family

Served with a Police Force

I am an expert on most things found on these pages from the personal development through spirituality and the occult.

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