Why Life Coaching with Aymen

You have a problem and I lead you to your solution through life coaching. I can do this for you because I have clarity, experience and skill.

Choosing A Life Coach

There are tens of 1000’s of “coaches” and mentors currently offering their services to the world. Life coaching is a general term and many coaches specialise in particular area’s. The personal development industry has exploded with practitioners. I can’t vouch for their authenticity or experience, but I do know that many people have the noble aspiration of helping others.

Most of these “coaches” are unable to support themselves full time though Life Coaching for a variety of reasons. Make sure your coach has experience because it sounds like a good idea to help others but in many cases, you are paying for them to learn and get experience life coaching – on YOU.

what is Life Coaching?

It’s certain that humanity – people in general need help. Consciousness in most people needs to be dramatically raised. Can your coach do this? Is he/she capable of lifting the consciousness of others? Have they raised their own? Do they even understand the term?

This is how easy it is to become a “life coach” look for experience…

Do they walk their talk? …because the world is not as it seems.

life coaching

What To Look For – Choosing A Life Coach

Here are the basics that are required when you choose a coach or mentor. When you decide whose words to listen to and then act upon — there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

1. Their experience and age.

I am well over 50 years of age and have had more than 20 years experience as a paid coach / mentor

2. Testimonials from others (have a look at some of mine)

3. The background of the coach and where his expertise resides.

You can find out more about me on this page and web site. Although I have had multiple successful businesses DO NOT choose me if you are looking for straight business help – there are far better candidates.  I take the approach that the personal development of the person comes first and I base my life around this which in turn helps your business.

Although I would consider myself an expert in health and fitness having studied this for 30 plus years – DO NOT choose me to simply lose weight or similar – there are far better candidates that are specialists in this. I will touch upon this subject in the overall theme of spirituality because its important if it needs addressing as part of the bigger picture.

How To Choose

Use your feelings and gut instincts to choose. IF you have the ability, to tune into your feelings (not your emotions) you will know who is right for you.

Humans have a bias towards those they like – sometimes this works out well as we confuse this with being on the same wave length or having the right “vibe” with someone. Remember there are many unlikeable people who have a great message and just the right skills.

Who Is Aymen?

I enjoy what I do everyday and I have the freedom to do what I want. I have a beautiful family and plenty of time to spend with them. We live near the beach in wonderful surroundings and I have all the luxuries I need.

Personally, I practice what I teach,  maintaining high standards in continual personal development based around spirituality, health, fitness and business.

what is life coaching

Life Coaching With Me Is Based On Spirituality

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion and if you are a business client it doesn’t mean that we neglect sound business principles.

It means is that the life coaching revolves around your inner world and I help you tune into yourself. So that you have the ability to find the answers.

It is through your inner world that your potential is revealed. I believe that everyone has vast potential. You realize that potential to it’s fullest by living the life you love. This allows the “real you” to shine through and you will be at your best.

One way of doing this is to become aware of the mechanics that drive your life. The concept and practical application of this awareness allows you to understand yourself and the people and events around you.

An Interesting Background

I spent 13 years as a Policeman with the Police Force, the last 6 years as an instructor at the Police Training Academy, training and motivating police recruits.

I am trained in sports psychology and I have been a keen student of the esoteric arts for many years.

I am well versed in business having owned;

A Fitness Centre

A Guided Harley Davidson Tours Business

Sales Training / Personal Development Company

Building/Property Development Company.

I am an author – I wrote “The Key To Life Manual” in 2002 and this book has been sold in 58 countries around the world

I have extensive coaching experience for over 20 years in both personal coaching and in the executive / business area from manufacturing to commission sales. Read some testimonials to see what others have discovered.

Overcome Your Fear

As human beings we are here to experience ourselves and our fears through life. There are an endless number of ways in which we do that. I believe that action is required for positive change. Many things stop you reaching your potential but underneath all of them lies a fear.

Fear Is The Foundation Of All Human Limitations

As your coach I have an intimate understanding and great insight that extends past theory about the subject of fear. Why? Experience, having successfully negotiated through fear on numerous occasions myself.

Here are 14 common life challenges that you may experience, that I have successfully worked through.

1. Spiritual and personal development. Facing your dark side. Uncovering unconscious idea’s, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and desires. Leaving the comfort zone of established patterns of behavior. Change through improvement. Opening your heart and the fear that goes with it.

2. Financial. Losing employment, not being able to find employment or the right employment. Business disasters and / or losing large amounts of money.

3. Giving up addictive substances.

4. Leaving the comfort of being an employee and having to fend for yourself.

5. Personal change. Leaving the comfort of your peer group. Being ostracized or marked as an outsider.

6. Professional change and success.

7. Building a business from scratch multiple times.

8. Sales – Cold Calling.

9. Facing fear and danger through dangerous sports like boxing and motorcycling or dangerous situations of violence.

10. Leaving a long term relationship.

11. Starting a family and the responsibilities that go with this.

12. 180 degree change in life direction.

13. Overcoming personal illness and hardship.

14. Leadership and responsibility.

Problems My Clients Have Successfully Solved Through Life Coaching

Most people come to me with one or more challenges or problems they want help with – or they want to overcome. Here are some of the vast array of subjects I have covered with people and the topics I can help you with. (Testimonials)

Anxiety / Social Disorders – Often based on patterns of thought and the emotions around them. There is relief from this.

Inability to focus on what you want / where you are going in life. This is a problem about being “Present”  I can teach you how to be present and show you all the benefits that come with that.  Teaching you how your thoughts work, why you think certain things and showing you that you are not attached to them. Showing you the way you think and the way it influences your future. How to discover what you are thinking and how to change and influence future thought.

Freedom from emotion  –  How emotions are created by your thoughts and the way the exert influence over you – and control you. Freedom from the influence of emotion without blocking your feelings. Feelings are different to emotions. Freedom from desire so that you have preferences not emotional drivers.

Breaking through limiting beliefs. Showing you why you believe certain things and how to change those beliefs.

Enlightenment – Creating space to allow the light of the higher power in. Increasing your consciousness. This is the goal of all personal development.

life coaching

Law Of Attraction – How it really works – what the “Secret” doesn’t tell you. How to apply it and avoid common mistakes to help improve your financial position or relationships.

Romantic Relationships – How to get one, how to keep one and how to save one. Meeting your soul mate. I can help you find the perfect partner.

Parenting Issues  –  Improving relationships with your children

Relationships (other than romantic) –  How to have great relationships. How to deal with and interact with others. How to smooth relationships either personal or business.

Problems around sex and sexuality – Including sexual problems or dis-function in men, women and relationships. Healing sexual relationships. Heightening sexual relationships and heightened states of “being” through sex. Issues of sexuality like being gay or bisexual. Sexual fantasy – dealing with/acceptance of the same. Sexual freedom, inhibition and shame. Sex magick and how to use it successfully for personal gain.

Conflict Resolution – How to deal with people, create win – win situations or just untangle yourself from a bad situation. How to stop arguing.

Life Direction – Getting “clear” and onto the right path. Finding your direction. Changing careers. Divorce and separation.

Personal Power / Boundaries – All about your life force, boundaries and your behavior. How to maintain your personal boundaries. Breaking of personal boundaries and taboos.

Fear – Eliminating and pushing through fear.

Healing Past Hurts  –  Removing the pain of hats happened in the past. Releasing trauma and forgiving

Attitude – Changing your attitude to life from negative to positive – in order to invoke the law of attraction in a positive way.

Self Esteem  –  Fixing it and lifting it. Discovering why its down and lifting it fast. Giving you the tools to make sure it never drops again.

Weight Loss  –  This is closely linked to self esteem and a some other psychological issues. How to lose weight, why you are not losing weight and everything associated with diets, eating, health and exercise.

Why Aymen For Life Coaching?

You will benefit from these 9 unique qualities that I have…

1. Enormous positive energy and higher consciousness that will rub off on you.

2. The ability to quickly perceive what your blocks are and I work with you in overcoming them. I use intuition and some psychic insight to see who you are. I am a high level empath and use this to read you – for your benefit. The coaching process with me is healing – some people heal through their hands – I can heal through my hands but my voice and my words are much more powerful.

3. Objective and truthful. I will see things about you that you can’t see for yourself and I will tell you the truth about them.

4. I am very strong and direct. I don’t beat around the bush and am not afraid of confronting an issue and telling it like it is! I have the ability to pierce your psychological wall. I’m not intimidated and I am not frightened of saying what needs to be said.

5. An expert motivator.

6. Creative and full of new ideas and solutions for you or your business. I am extremely practical,  “No Nonsense”, “No B.S” and have the ability to get straight to the heart of an issue.

7. I ask the right questions. This facilitates your thoughts and action.

8. Non judgmental and have a deep understanding of your inner being.

9. Integrity – Good Coaching speaks for itself and I stand behind my work.

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