Life Coaching with Aymen

Life Coaching with Aymen

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I enjoy what I do everyday and I have the freedom to do what I want.

I have a great family and plenty of time to spend with them. We live in beautiful surroundings and I have all the luxuries I need.

I am healthy and enjoy what I eat everyday. I maintain a fitness standard comparable to a professional athlete of my age.

Other than Coaching I have growing business interests in property and e-commerce.

I have everything I want and I get what ever else I require.

This is possible for you because I have the answers.

Life Coaching with me is based on spirituality

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion and if you are a business client it doesn’t mean that we neglect sound business principles.

What it means is that the coaching revolves around your inner world and I help you tune into yourself.

It is through your inner world that your potential is revealed. I believe that everyone has a vast potential. You realize that potential to it’s fullest by living the life you love. This allows the real you to shine through and you will be at your best.

One way of doing this is to become aware of the mechanics that drive your life. The concept and practical application of this awareness allows you to understand yourself and the people and events around you.

Here is an article on “enlightenment” which explains a little of the process.

Fear is the foundation of all human limitations

As human beings we are here to experience ourselves and our fears through life. There are an endless number of ways in which we do that. I believe that action is required for positive change. Many things stop you reaching your potential but underneath all of them lies a fear.

As your coach I have an intimate understanding and great insight that extends past theory about the subject of fear. Why? Experience, having successfully negotiated through fear on numerous occasions myself.

Here are 14 common life challenges that you may experience, that I have successfully worked through.

1. Spiritual development. Facing your darkside.

2. Personal development. Leaving the comfort zone of established patterns of behavior.

3. Giving up addictive substances.

4. Leaving the comfort of being an employee.

5. Personal change. Leaving the comfort of your peer group.

6. Professional change and success.

7. Building a business from scratch.

8. Sales – Cold Calling.

9. Facing fear through dangerous sports, boxing and motorcycling.

10. Leaving a long term relationship.

11. Starting a family.

12. 180 degree change in life direction.

13. Overcoming personal illness and hardship.

14. Leadership and responsibility.

An interesting background

I am well versed in business having owned a Fitness Centre and a Sales Training Company. I have extensive coaching experience in the business area from manufacturing to commission sales. I currently own and operate a Building/Property Development Company.

I spent 13 years as a Policeman with the Victoria police Force, the last 5 years as an instructor at the Police Training Academy, training and motivating police recruits.

I am trained in sports psychology and I have been a keen student of the esoteric arts for many years.

I am an author – Find out more about the “key To Life Manual” here

I have Testimonials to give you an idea what others have experienced (Testimonials Are Here)

Here are 9 unique qualities you will benefit from – when Life Coaching with Aymen.

1. I have enormous positive energy that will rub off on you.

2. I have the ability to quickly perceive what your blocks are and I work with you in overcoming them.

3. I will see things about you that you can’t see for yourself and I will tell you the truth about them.

4. I am not afraid to be confrontive and tell it like it is.

5. I am an expert motivator.

6. I am creative and full of new ideas and solutions for you or your business.

7. I ask the right questions. This facilitates your thoughts and action.

8. I am non judgmental and have a deep understanding of your inner being.

9. Integrity – Good Coaching speaks for itself and I stand behind my work.

What’s unique about Life Coaching with Aymen?

Life Coaching with me works because of the following talents;

  • The first of these talents is that I am a high level Empath(Here is an article that explains what an empath is)
  • The second is that I am very strong and direct. I don’t beat around the bushand am not afraid of confronting an issue and telling it like it is! I have the ability to pierce your psychological wall. I’m not intimidated and I am not frightened of saying what needs to be said.
  • I am a healer. The coaching process with me is healing – some people heal through their hands – I can heal through my hands but my voice and my words are much more powerful.
  • I am a very experienced Life Coach.
  • I have a lot of knowledge.
  • I have a lot of general life experience.
  • I am intuitive and psychic.
  • I am extremely practical,  “No Nonsense”, “No B.S” and have the ability to get straight to the heart of an issue.

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