Life Coaching Testimonials

Here are some life coaching Testimonials…

From Joanna in Melbourne.

To be capable of writing something that accurately describes Aymen’s gift, is a challenge.
It’s easy to read words such as, “Thanks, it helped me”. It’s easy to read a book such as Aymen’s, and it’s easy to read a testimonial….and it might get you thinking. You might change a few things, be more positive. But this is unique.

Aymen’s coaching provides a unique transformation. Aymen has a way of piercing into your private world and persistently pushing, encouraging you to spring clean in there until you’re a radically changed person. You can’t compare this experience with anything.

I don’t know that psychologists, psychiatrists or life coaches could dare go near what Aymen does so boldly. His spirit, wisdom and knowledge stays with you. Aymen’s coaching is not simply about improving yourself, or help & healing, it’s about complete change. It’s about reaching through to the core of life and thought – the true “Key to Life”. It is practical. It is real. It’s Forever Change.

Thanks Aymen. I do feel different, not only for the changes I’ve been able to make so far, but for the seeds that are planted for me to nurture and produce heaps more change that I know is evolving.

I will keep in touch.

With love,



From Rick who owns a Wholsale Food Supplier in Melbourne

I started seeing Aymen once a week approx 6 months ago. While I “seemed”  reasonably happy, there were things about me I was unhappy with. After a couple of months of Aymens hard work (and my own) things started to fall into place. Having been through a torrid family court case, a couple of failed relationships life wasn’t just rolling along. In my eyes I was reasonably successful but I was not reaching my full potential business wise nor personally.

I now see things totaly different. I have learnt about myself, about people and about being inspired to do anything and have what I want.

I now have a business that has more than trippled with some of Aymens input. I have the material things I need and I’m now working on having a proper relationship. But there is one more thing that is way more important than that. I have a daughter that was estranged due to my lack of communication skills with her mother. Aymen has changed that. I now have a healthy talking relationship with my daughter and visiting is just around the corner thanks to Aymen.

If that is the only thing he acheived it would have been enough, but he noticed and saw my potential. He encouraged and challenged all the thought processes that I needed to make me the most happiest, calmest and best person I could hope to be.

I only wish i had done this years ago…

Thanks Aymen



From Melissa who is a University Student and works part time.

The coaching I received was excellent. Simply fantastic. It allowed me to make huge leaps in my personal goals, as Aymen quickly helped me identify what was preventing me from success. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to have valuable development quickly and effectively, and to get what they want out of life. Aymen is a delightful and positive person who explained quickly exactly what was preventing me from making progress, in various areas of my life. What I loved most about with coaching with Aymen, is that he challenges your limiting beliefs and extends your horizon, helping pave the way for future success!!!

From Yvette who works for an International Bank

I have been coached by Aymen for a little over a year and I can truthfully say that when I look at my life today, I have become a more positive, conscious and fearless person. My close friends are constantly telling me that they
are amazed at how much I have changed not only over the past year but from one month to the next. Situations that used to upset me have little or no effect anymore. I am much more accepting of myself and by extension…others. (And most importantly) I have overcome many of the fears that have stopped me from living my best life.

I am about to start a new career, doing everything I love to do. I have been talking about making this move for years, but now I look back and think, “What was I ever afraid of?”

The coaching calls with Aymen were all very different. He helps me to identify the thoughts behind limiting emotions so that I can reframe the thought into something empowering. Although sometimes the calls were tough and I felt that I wasn’t making any progress because the same theme kept showing up, I was actually making PHENOMENAL progress!

Aymen is an intelligent, active listener who gives honest and immediate feedback. As a coach, he always helps me to view situations from a new perspective and holds me accountable to using the self development tools he introduces by providing weekly assignments that are customised to meet my needs… and he never forgets to follow up!

I must highlight that his listening skills are quite impressive. He digs beneath the surface and sees what you are really saying and he has a no-nonsense style that can be quite sobering when I am tip-toeing around a difficult subject. I have had a number coaches over time and I have found that I have always progressed significantly with coaches like Aymen who were always able to tell me things I wasn’t necessarily willing to hear.

Although I realise that I had to help myself to become who I am today , I am eternally grateful to Aymen for helping me in so many profoundly positive ways.

Thanks Aymen!

From Tom who is a Melbourne business owner and has been a client of mine for 10 years.

It is lonley at the top. I am supposed to know all the answers. My staff expect it and my clients demand it. Problem is, I don’t always know what to do next. Aymen has shown me how to address the issues that prevent my progress. Through patient understanding , Aymen has made it possible for me to see the bigger picture, provide support and understanding for my staff that results in a happier work environment and ultimatley higher profits. I still dont have all the answers but Aymen has helped me gain the confidence to handle the issues as they arise and to see that most problems are only telling you that there is a better way. For those of you who have all the answers, good luck to you , for the rest of us, there is always a better way…… it works for me.

From Michelle who was a Senior Executive with one of Australia’s largest companies when we met. She is a consultant now.

I went to find a coach at a low point in my life and career when I truly needed some clarity.  Although I had reached several of my highest work and life goals over the last five years, I didn’t feel complete.  I spent over a year in coaching with Aymen and have to say it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  He introduced me to many new possibilities and guided me through some difficult questions that led me to understanding more
of the opportunities and ways for me to take charge of my life.  Each week I looked forward to our sessions and
from our work together I came to realise how important it is to take regular stock of our lives.  I was so impressed with Aymen’s insights and how he always continued to study his field.  As he learned, I learned.  Thank
you, Aymen, for being part of my journey and I look forward to when we cross paths again.

Good luck with the new website.  I enjoy reading all the newsletters.

Regards, Michelle


From Belinda

Coaching with Aymen was one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. For me it was like turning a light on in a dark room.  At times it was very confronting as I moved through a lot of issues very quickly, but I was certainly ready to do this. I was very frustrated with life before I started the coaching, I was feeling very stressed in my jobs and most of my personal relationships with friends, family and my husband were not all that enjoyable.

Through out the 3 months that I saw Aymen every week, and then later on an as needed basis, he was able to assist me in pin pointing the real basis of these issues. Identifying them and moving through them was an amazing process and one that I could take with me.

Aymen’s methods resonated with me right from the beginning and even today when I am faced with a situation that I am uncomfortable in, I can go back to this, and apply it. I believe this is so important as there are millions of different situations in life that we face and the coaching has enabled me to move through these times and learn from them rather than get stuck!

Life still throws the curveballs I just know how to dodge them now.

Belinda K

International Business Manager

From Tom who is one of the top Real Estate Agents in Melbourne

Hi Aymen,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance, I have enjoyed your company and very positive approach which has an instant affect, your approach is very inspiring and thought provoking and I enjoy reading your book too.

I feel as though I am in control of my life and that I am making things happen the way I want now! So thank you and all the best to you as well,

Regards Tom

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