What is Skype?


Do you recommend individual healers and practioners?

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What is Skype?

Skype is free software that enables us to see each other and talk with each other over the internet from anywhere in the world.

Download it here 


Q. Why don’t I get my newsletter?

1. Have you subscribed? Sometimes you put in your email address and it’s incorrect. Try subscribing now in the box on your right – It will not allow your subscription if you are already a subscriber, so you will soon know.

2. Increasingly, ISPs are using filtering systems to try and keep Spam out of customers’ inboxes. Sometimes, they accidentally filter the e-mail that you want to receive. To make sure that the aymenf.sg-host.com newsletter gets through and are not filtered into your “junk” or “bulk” folder, please add Spiritual.com.au to your list of trusted senders.

Here’s how:

Place the domains Spiritual.com.au and KeyToLife.info in your safe list. The safe list can be accessed via the “Options” link next to the main menu tabs.

AOL: Place the domains Spiritual.com.au and KeyToLife.info in your address book.

Yahoo! Mail: If one of our e-zines is filtered to your ‘bulk’ folder, open the message and click on the “this is not Spam” link next to the “From” field.

Other providers: If one of your Spiritual.com.au newsletters is being filtered, try adding our domains Spiritual.com.au and KeyToLife.info or our newsletter’s ‘From’ or ‘Reply-to’ address to your address book or contact list. If this option is not available, try moving the message to your ‘inbox’ or forwarding the message to yourself.

If subsequent messages continue to be filtered, call or e-mail your ISP’s tech support and specifically ask how you can be sure to receive all e-mail from aymenf.sg-host.com Follow their instructions for whitelisting aymenf.sg-host.com

Private Spam Filters: If you are using a private spam or email vetting filter that sends out an email asking the original sender (of email to you) to click a link or perform some action. We will not do this. We get far to many emails to do this for everyone. Make sure that you manually add us to your ‘white list’

Q. How do I change the email address for my newsletter subscription.

Answer: You could unsubscribe your existing email address. Then subscribe by putting your name and new email address into the subscription box on the right hand menu of aymenf.sg-host.com.

There is also a “update details link at the bottom of each page.

Do you recommend individual healers/practitioners?

Q. Do we recommend individual – Ie: Healers or Psychics etc..

Answer:No. We receive emails from all over the world asking if we can recommend someone and we have no way of doing this outside of who we personally use in Melbourne Australia.

You can contact me for Life Coaching Services from the Contact Page

Q. Do we have a list of healers / practitioners etc..

Answer: No

Visits to our office

Q. Can I come to your office and look at the ‘Key To Life’ manual before I buy it?

Answer: No, we are not equiped for over the counter sales.

Q. Can I drop into your office for a chat?

Answer: Visits are by appointment only.

Download help for the free ebook “Unlock Your Personal Power”

Q. How do I get the free ebook “Unlock Your Personal Power”

Answer: When you subscribe (free) to the Spiritual.com.au Newsletter which you can do by putting your name and email address into the subscription box at this web site:


Q. I can’t read the the ebook?

Answer: You need the free software ‘adobe acrobat reader’ this is available here.

Q. I can’t get the ebook to open.

Answer: You need the free software ‘adobe acrobat reader’ this is available here.

Q. I can’t get the ebook to unzip.

Answer 1: Download the file “power.exe” Find it on your computer and double click, it will unzip automatically.
Answer 2: If you have downloaded the file “power.zip” you need unzip software this is built into some versions of windows.

Q. I have download the ebook according to the instructions but now I can’t find it on my computer.

Answer: Use your computers’ file search facility and look for the file “power.exe” or “power.zip”

Q. The link you sent me for the free ebook doesn’t work. What can I do?

Answer: Some email programs like outlook 2007 and hotmail turn links off unless you ask for them to be turned on. You can fix this in your email software. Another alternative is to copy the link and paste it into your browser address bar. This will take you to the download page.

Answers to questions. Emailing us with questions about Personal Problems.

Q. I need some help with a personal problem. Can you help me?

Answer: I can offer you Life Coaching – Contact Page

Please go to this page and read the information in regard to Life Coaching services offered.

Q. I read about a technique in one of your articles. Can you help me with it?

Answer: See the last answer or you can email the author about that. The author and his/her contact details are at the bottom of the article.