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Healing Music For The Body & Soul

Healing music for body and soul. Beautiful gentle music to facilitate your complete healing. Peaceful meditation healing music, that will allow for your complete healing of body and soul. Simply close your eyes and focus on being healthy and full of vitality. Focus and concentrate on what you healed – in it’s completely healed state […]

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Healing music body and soul

Mantra Om Meditation

The mantra Om meditation is very powerful. Om is the most sacred symbol in Hinduism, it comes straight from the ancient Vedas and is considered the source of all mantras. The Universe is sound – frequency and amplitude. There is a complex symbolic association between letters, elements, gods, signs of the zodiac and parts of […]

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mantra Om meditation

Spiritual Music To Attract Love

This beautiful video of spiritual music to attract love is designed for those of you who are looking for love. This could be self love or to attract a partner. This spiritual music is designed to provoke “feeling” and secondly, healing. This opens the door for two fundamental spiritual principles that are required if you […]

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spiritual music to attract love

Third Eye Chakra Healing Music 720 Hz

Using sound you can bring balance to your chakras. Each of your chakras vibrates to a specific frequency. With this Third Eye Chakra healing music you can balance your Third Eye Chakra. When you listen to this music you are giving the frequency of the music to your body. Your Third Eye Chakra aligns to […]

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third eye chakra healing music 720Hz