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What Is Negative Ego

Before you can clear your negative ego you must know what it is. Ego is essential for your current identity and is probably the least understood lesson of your entire spiritual path. Everyone has ego or you could call it personality, which your soul and spirit work through. You also have as part of your […]

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Negative Ego

105 Universal Spiritual Laws and Conditions of Third Dimension Living

The Universal Laws and Conditions of Third Dimension Living (Spiritual Laws) – All creation is governed by law. The principles that operate in the outer universe, discoverable by scientists, are called natural laws. But there are subtler laws that rule the hidden spiritual planes and the inner realm of consciousness.

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105 universal spiritual laws

Enlightenment – Our Natural State

Enlightenment – Our Natural State. It’s simply all about love and forgiveness and seeing past ego. Our ego creates the separation between us and others, therefore resulting in unhappiness. “Why wait for Heaven? Those who seek the light are merely covering their eyes. The light is in them now. Enlightenment is but a recognition, not […]

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Spiritual Enlightenment Quotes

This is one of my favourite spiritual enlightenment quotes … A University Professor went to see an enlightened Master, to find out more about spiritual enlightenment. As their meeting continued ‘The Master’ was pouring tea and continued to pour even though the cup was overflowing. The Professor cried. “Enough! No more will go in!” ‘The […]

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spiritual enlightenment quotes