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Negative Energy & Negative Entities

Unfortunately most people don’t understand the reality of negative energy and negative entities. The “New Age” movement has once again made it fashionable to be involved in occult practices which require psychic protection from negative entities. There have been other periods in recent history when this has been the case, most notably Europe in the […]

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Intuition & Psychic Ability

Q: What is the difference between the sixth sense, intuition, and psychic ability? A: They’re all related to each other. A lot of the psychic ability comes from mental transfer. You’ll be with a person, and a thought will jump across from them, enabling you to pick up the direction they’re going in their life, […]

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Meditation Technique For Developing Psychic Skills

This short essay about meditation to improve your psychic skills. I wrote it in response to several inquiries made to me from something I posted on some forums. I said that I had learned a technique from the Spiritualist Church where I was trained in the art of mediumship. Channeled material is but an aspect […]

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