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Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism Part 2

…Continued from Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism Part 1 Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism Part 2… Authors Details: Book Excerpt: Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chogyam Trungpa The process of transforming the material of mind from expressions of ego’s ambition in to expressions of basic sanity and enlightenment through the practice of meditation – this might be […]

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spiritual materialism

Buddhist Meditation – Essential Advice On Meditation

Buddhist Meditation. When you read books about meditation, or often when meditation is is presented by different groups, much of the emphasis falls on the techniques. In the West, people tend to be very interested in the “technology” of meditation. However, by far the most important feature of Buddhist meditation is not technique, but the way […]

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Buddhist Meditation

Culture of Ritual and the Quest for Enlightenment

Since prehistoric times, ritual has been perhaps the most important human activity. Throughout the world there has existed an ancient and ongoing tradition of sacred action performed with the aim of improving not only our condition in the universe, but the condition of the universe itself. Indeed, the further back we look, the more we […]

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Quest for Enlightenment

Buddhism – Religion Or Philosophy?

Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy? The Buddha referred to his teachings simply as Dhamma-vinaya – “the doctrine and discipline” – but for centuries people have tried to categorize the teachings in various ways, trying to fit them into the prevailing molds of cultural, philosophical, and religious thought. Buddhism is an ethical system – […]

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