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The Silence of the Mind

Experiencing the Mystery of the Present Moment The silence of the mind allows you to experience the present moment. In the whole Universe, there is nothing static, dead or frozen. Everything, but absolutely everything, is in eternal movement. Even within the so-called still nature reigns the same intrinsic law of movement. Movement and newness, in […]

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The Silence Of The Mind

Practical Buddhism FAQ

Practical Buddhism Authors Details: John Bullitt FAQ’s Buddhist Channel 2005 Here are some questions answered to make for sensible and practical Buddhism. (See also Buddhism Category for more information) 1. I want to become a Buddhist. How do I do that? 2. What were the Buddha’s views on homosexuality? 3. What were the Buddha’s views […]

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practical Buddhism

Healing: A Tibetian Buddhist Perspective

What is healing? What do we mean by healing? Do we mean healing of the physical body, healing of the psyche/soul/mind, or both of these. What is the connection between body and mind? (Also see Healing Category) Authors Details: Healing: A Tibetan Buddhist Perspective – Ven. Pende Hawter Many modern healing techniques regard successful healing […]

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Healing Buddhism

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism Part 2

…Continued from Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism Part 1 Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism Part 2… Authors Details: Book Excerpt: Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chogyam Trungpa The process of transforming the material of mind from expressions of ego’s ambition in to expressions of basic sanity and enlightenment through the practice of meditation – this might be […]

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spiritual materialism