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Basic Techniques of Sex Magick

Here are some basic techniques of sex magick based on the Aleister Crowley teachings in regard to this interesting subject. There are other ways to do it but I will leave that for another article.The main requirement for doing any kind of sex magick, in fact any type of magick is the ability to concentrate […]

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techniques of sex magick

The Traits Of An Empath

(…Continued From What Is Empathy) When we discuss the traits of an empath remember that these are generalizations and they may not always be obvious traits of an Empath. 16 Common Traits Of An Empath 1. Empaths are quiet achievers but expressive in area’s of emotional connection. They find that talking about emotional issues is […]

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traits of an empath

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Success means different things to different people. I believe it’s more than just the traditional definition in which you would have a successful career and make lots of money. There is so much more to life than this narrow definition.The seven spiritual laws of success may give you a different understanding of what success means. […]

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the seven spiritual laws of success

Exercise Goals For Beginners

In my opinion exercise is extremely important and this article promotes exercise goals for beginners. I know you are at a spiritual web site and here you are reading an article about exercise. Just remember your spirit lives through your physical body. Your physical body is designed to move and carry your spirit/soul. You don’t […]

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exercise goals beginners