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Experiences with crystals

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I want to share with you a couple of my experiences with crystals. When I first started my spiritual learning I attended a class about crystals. The session leader was informative and provided a very comfortable environment but this was my first adventure into crystals and I still wasn’t sure what I believed. During a […]

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The Basics of Chakras

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The Basics Of Chakras Your physical and spiritual bodies should be in balance so that you will have an optimal learning experience while on Earth. Balance in this connotation is not staying upright and being able to walk a straight line, but rather keeping your chakras open to receive the universal life force. Understanding and […]

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The Blending of Mind and Spirit to Change your Thought Patterns

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We live in our mind with all its limitations, ideas and thoughts and most of us feel very comfortable there. Some of us live with a brief glimpse of our spirit, but many of us never see it at all. Knowing our spirit and blending it with our mind opens many possibilities in life. Our […]

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