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Distant Healing isn’t all oogie boogie

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Energy healing can clear any emotional blocks that will then begin to heal the physical conditions these cause. Distant healing is based on the idea that a non-local “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is vibrationally low or out of balance, then […]

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Tarot Card Reading – it’s back in!

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The tarot was originally a playing card deck (used for card games such as Italian tarocchini) that incidentally began to be used for divination. It is believed that is was first used for this purpose in Northern Italy over 500 years ago. European cults and mystics bought it out into the public around the time […]

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Bell Magick – A Spell For Global Healing

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While activism, lifestyle change and conscious efforts are serving and integral, some planet-support magic work can penetrate on a cellular level and can go a long way – particularly if we all join in. And it makes you feel really good. Magic is not all oogie boogie; it is simply using resources to affect change. Magick has the capacity […]

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