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9 Orders Of The Celestial Hierarchy

9 Orders Of The Celestial Hierarchy & Their Ruling Princes Order Meaning Attributes Spirit Of Ruling Princes Seraphim Makers of Fire or Carriers of Warmth Total Understanding of God;Peace;Contemplation. Love Michael Seraphiel Jehoel Uriel Kemuel Metatron Nathanael Satan Cherubim Fullness of Knowledge Record-Keepers for God;Guardians of the Light & Stars;Spirits of the Harmonies. Harmonies Gabriel […]

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9 orders of the celestial hierarchy


ARCHANGELS Beyond the angels are the beings we are used to calling the archangels,they tend the larger arenas of human endeavour. These beings are from a different family from the angels. There are many different kinds of archangels in this larger family. The four archangels we are most familiar with are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and […]

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Angels In The Bible

We are going to discuss angels in the Bible. In Judaism an angel is a spiritual entity in the service of God.  Angels play a prominent role in Jewish thought throughout the centuries, though the exact meaning of the word has been subject to widely, at times wildly, different interpretations. A number of numinous creatures […]

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angels in the bible