About Us

 About Spiritual.com.au

My name is Aymen and I’m the editor of this web site. It’s essentially been my personal blog since the late 1990’s but it does from time to time feature other peoples articles.

I have had an interest in personal development, the occult and spirituality for longer than I can remember. On this web site I have tried to bring you information that I have found useful in furthering my life and the lives of others through my coaching or workshops.

I would imagine that coming to a spiritual web site is a sure sign you are searching. I know because I’ve been on that path and I have to tell you, I found most of MY answers. It’s important that you remain comfortable with being a seeker as the search is never ending – we are embedded in a system that has layers.

I found through constant trial and error many spiritual principals and techniques that actually work and make a dramatic positive difference to your life.

I built this web site so that you can also find the answer. It’s not as hard as you think and I’m going to give you plenty of help. Remember that there are many paths that lead to the same destination.

There are thousands of free articles on this site and it’s growing everyday. You can’t see it all today. I suggest you become a subscriber because frankly if I don’t remind you of what’s new and give you the occasional reminder of what’s here – there’s a good chance you’ll either forget or lose this site because the internet is endless!