Guided Gratitude Meditation Before Sleep

Welcome to this guided gratitude meditation to use before sleep.

My names Aymen and I will take you through this powerful process of feeling gratitude.

Gratitude has the ability to change your world for the better. Not only does it give you a more positive outlook on your life but …

By focusing on what you have now —  appreciating and feeling grateful — you immediately put yourself into an energetic state,

the required state for attracting more of the same positive things into your life.

Gratitude is a simple concept to employ yet requires some effort to master and I will explain.

There is a cliché about a glass that is filled with water up to the half way mark. Depending on your way of perceiving the world you would class the glass as half full or half empty. This is just a way of saying that any given circumstance can be viewed in two ways. Of course everyone knows the glass cliché and when you are asked you take the positive view explaining that the glass is half full under the assumption that being half full is better than half empty.

Be Grateful

When you are grateful you are giving thanks that the glass is half full. That means you are acknowledging that you have something – as opposed to lacking something. As you will see this is an important distinction to make.

It is a fact that you can be grateful for everything because no matter what you have or what you are immersed in today, there is always a worse situation that is an alternative possibility.


Being grateful is a way of viewing the world and it has a powerful effect because of the way your mind works. When you are grateful for what you have now you adopt a mind set that says you have or you are in a state of abundance.

You see when you acknowledge and give thanks for what you have you are stating and imprinting on your mind, that you “do have” as opposed to you “not having.” This imprints your current positive or abundant situation on your subconscious mind and your world turns out that way.

Irrespective of what you want, you need to be grateful for what you have – in order to get things that are better.

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