New Age Principles Explained

One of the most interesting things about New Age principles is the fact that so many people misinterpret them. They are often misunderstood because they live in memes distributed on social media and accepted without thought or experience. I was watching a very angry truth movement evangelist speak. To his credit he makes some very valid and strong points about the world and the nature of people today. One of the things he is totally against, is the New Age movement. He cited some New Age principles that false. This prompted my article here. It was clear he had no understanding of the principles he was condemning. Although his overall intent was good he was blinded by his anger toward the world. Theses New Age principles are actually basic spiritual principles that have stood the test of time.

New Age Principles

Here are fourteen New Age principles and what they “really” mean. Perhaps you may discover a better way of holding them as truths.

new age principles

  1. Ignore The Negative.

    To ignore the negative doesn’t mean you should bury your head in the sand, ignoring the issues that come up in your life. It simply means look at everything, positive and negative but don’t dwell on the negative. Don’t give unnecessary time, energy and thought to the negative. This is not an excuse to ignore what makes you uncomfortable. You don’t want to live in a faked perpetual imagined world of pleasure. You are here in your body for a variety of reasons so live here and see your life for what it is. In the balance of your life lean heavily toward the positive. When you look at a situation, look at the positive side whenever possible.

  2. Don’t Get Angry.

    This is really about emotions. If you are angry feel your anger. Be careful how you express anger because it can lead to trouble. The problem with statements such as, don’t get angry – is that it leads to suppressed emotion under the guise of being spiritual. In turn this results in inability or willingness to solve issues as they arise. Your emotions show you what to feel and what to resolve so that this emotion doesn’t reoccur. Fake calm to show how enlightened you are is basically B.S. Emotions that are suppressed and unfelt, are stored in your body and create disease, unwanted reactions and other problems. (Here is an article on understanding emotions)

  3. We Are All One

    We are all connected and part of the same energy source. Therefore we are also connected by this same energy. At some level we are all one. You cannot however use this as an excuse to say everything is therefore permissible and has some form of “good” to it. This is not true. There is still evil or absence of the good. If something bad happens to you or you meet undesirable people, they are there to show you some sort of reflection. The hard part and this is your mission – is to work out what it means and represents in your life.  It doesn’t mean they are good and you must embrace them or the situation. It means we are all from the same source and connected, so show understanding and compassion. Don’t try and destroy them without good reason.

  4. Be In The Moment

    This simply means don’t allow your thoughts to dwell in the past or future unnecessarily. Don’t allow your thought to dwell anywhere without your conscious effort to do so. Most people’s minds control them, instead of the person having the ability to control their mind.  You – the underlying soul, has no ability to stop the continual stream of random thoughts. Being in the moment doesn’t make all your problems disappear objectively. It simply allows you freedom now. Why stress about something that is not happening now. What is the point of thinking about something now, that you have not put your mind toward solving, now.

  5. There Is No Truth.

    This is not meant to state that there is no objective truth. Objective reality and perception have differences and humans see with perception. Humans perceive and as such the truth is different for each individual. Perception is not reality but it does substitute for reality. Your mission is to see as close to objective reality as possible, if required.

  6. What You Resist Persists.

    Usually when someone offers resistance to a situation they themselves are loaded with emotion. This emotional energy creates a vibration that draws more of the same energy toward you. It simply means accept situations and don’t resist them emotionally. In no way does this apply to the physical and you do not have to go along with them. It means accept that the situation has happened and don’t wallow in the emotion of wishing it was different. Don’t resist doesn’t mean you cannot guide your life to more preferable situations. If there is nothing you can do about a particular situation then don’t waste energy trying or thinking about it. Move onto creating what you want.

  7. Don’t React

    This comes from the little understood concept that there is a difference between feeling and emotion. Emotion creates a reaction often in an unwanted way. This reaction is what you are  trying to resolve and remove from your energy field. If accomplished you will be left with the ability to feel, without emotion in a certain situation. This is completely independent of actions you would or should take. It’s conscious action that you want, in whatever way you choose. Unconscious emotional based reaction is what you do not want. It does not mean don’t take action

  8. Law Of Attraction

    The law of attraction can be misinterpreted as an ego based concept that is all about “self”. The law of attraction is simply – like vibrations attract. This doesn’t mean everyone can create individual objective realities next to each other. It simply means individual experiences are created next to each other based on individual vibrations. It applies to everything. You cannot escape this law nor can you be selective with it. In mainstream teaching for the law of attraction the action component has been left out. For example, you may vibrate and attract wealth – but it won’t fall from the sky unless you act and shake the tree. In other words take that new job, start your business or follow your new idea. Matching to the vibration of wealth brings opportunity for you to take action.

  9. Forgive

    Forgive people even if they are not sorry. This doesn’t mean go into business with those who stole from you and it doesn’t mean marry your worst enemy. There is nothing in the concept of forgiveness that implies forgetting. Very simply you are removing the emotion from your own energy field irrespective of what the other (forgiven) person is doing. You don’t have to like anyone, its an independent action that benefits only you. The forgiveness takes the burden from you and is an expression of love. It stops you holding the hate within yourself. Forgiving is completely independent of any action you need or want to take.

  10. Utopia

    A socialist style utopia is often idealized in the New Age movement. This would only work if ALL people are spiritually evolved. Unfortunately the majority of people are not.  Socialism has been proven to fail dismally everywhere it’s been attempted. We are hundreds of years from utopia and a current socialist society will just mean giving up freedoms and rights to a corrupted regime. This will and has always fallen prey to those that seek to control and have power over others.

  11. Enlightenment

    Enlightenment is a concept of allowing more consciousness to shine through an individual. This means that you MUST “work” on yourself to clear blocks that are currently preventing consciousness to shine through you. It is at once both a selfish and a generous goal. You need to often be self centered. This is a way to progress fast yet the benefits of your energy and higher consciousness help others you are in contact with.

  12. Karma

    Karma is one of the most misunderstood concepts I have seen when it comes to spirituality. It’s often though of as a system of revenge where the evil doers “get what is coming to them” That’s not how it works. It’s simply a mechanism for balancing energy. It doesn’t care about good or bad and it’s not a system of justice. The energy of emotion is what needs balancing. It’s the balancing of emotional reaction. If you do something under the spell of emotion then you are exerting a strong unbalanced energy. This is what karma will rebalance by showing you an opposite situation.

    This occurs because opposite ends are opposite poles of the same thing. Hot and cold are both temperatures. If you act with out the force of emotion guiding you there will be no karma that balances the energy because you are acting in balance. Note that suppressing an emotion is not acting without emotion. It’s just hiding your emotion and this applies whether you are conscious and aware of your emotional state or not.

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