Spiritual Inner Strength

Spiritual inner strength is a deep and importantly – unstoppable belief in yourself. It’s more than resilience and the ability to overcome challenges. It’s a deep knowing and understanding of your power to adapt and genuinely make and see the best of any situation. The question is why do some people have it but the vast majority don’t? For me personally, part of the answer lies in me being spiritual and the life actions that come with this. The other part comes from the actual soul that I am. Think of it as the amount of soul energy that inhabits your physical body. Most people realize that finding your inner strength is likely to benefit your relationships, work and feelings of overall well-being.

spiritual inner strength

I personally understand – not “think” – that everything will always be fine and work out well. No matter what happens. My mindset is that I know – not “think” – that any challenges and hiccups I experience in life will always be for the best. This is irrespective of how bad things get. I don’t need to worry that my car will be stolen or damaged because I know my next car will be better for me. Things always work out for the best. If may partner leaves me I will find someone who is more suited to me. Should my business collapse, I will gravitate my way toward a better way to generate wealth. A more enjoyable and efficient way of earning money.

Crowd Influence

Spiritual inner strength doesn’t depend on the actions of anyone else. It’s totally independent of your circumstances. I’ve always been an individual with an independent mind. When the crowd says go left, assuming I want to turn right – I will turn right. No matter what peer group pressure is exerted, I will do what I want to do. The crowd cannot sway me in their tide of what’s often emotional and irrational reaction.

I’m not afraid to do what I think is right for me. Irrespective of societies “norms” and fashions I can follow my own path. I have found this to be true to a certain degree of all people with this inner strength. Put this in perspective with going against the crowd just for the sake of being a rebel. This isn’t what I mean. Sometimes the crowd is right and sometimes even when the crowd is wrong it will suit you to go with them.

Access Spiritual Inner Strength?

I have found that my inner faith comes from my ability to tap into a higher authority. Personally this has been a natural gift. Well before I understood the mechanics of my ability to receive, I had an inner faith. Prior to understanding how to best access my inner world this faith was present. The higher authority I access is / could be at any one time a deeper part of my psych, my higher self or another independent entity. I use all three faculties at different times. Over the years I have strengthened this ability and gone to great lengths to prove to myself that there is more than my subconscious mind at play.

This inner knowing is closely related to intuition. I would describe intuition as a sixth sense. It is your ability to access the collective conscious mind of humanity and perhaps beyond into the realm of spirit. It’s often your first impression if you notice it. Your access is filtered through your experience and belief structure. The greater your emotional clarity the clearer the message and information that can be accessed. It is your greatest problem solver because it gives you access beyond you rational mind.

Rather than covering intuition here and making the article too long – I have added some links to articles specific to intuition.

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How To Obtain Spiritual Inner Strength

I found my spiritual inner strength has developed and matured over the years. The power that it yields has increased dramatically by doing the following.

1. Look for quiet moments in order to access your inner strength. This often requires you do less in your life. Slow down so that you can look and focus internally. Many people are afraid of what they will find but I have found life always takes a turn for the best this way.

2. Meditate – this is like exercise for obtaining more quiet moments. The benefits of meditation are access to your inner world. It gives you the ability to slow down your unwanted thoughts and empty your mind which in turn lead to a range of benefits discussed in my articles.

3. Look to the past and let go. This means learn to be the observer of your past actions, don’t judge them negatively. Understand you were acting in accordance with what you knew and your ability at the time. Unfelt emotion and unresolved thoughts from these circumstances keep’s you locked into the past.

The Past

4. Look to the past and learn from your mistakes. This is just plain and simple practical advice. There is the saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

5. Look to the past for strength. Look to past events that you have moved through and conquered to gain strength and the knowledge that you can do this again.

6. Feel and clear emotion. All emotion that is unfelt, resides as stuck energy in your body. It also clouds your thought process, prevents you from having a clear mind and accessing correctly and clearly, without bias your inner world the source of your strength. I have learnt and practiced dispersing and feeling emotion so that its effect are minimal. This is priceless, as discussed in many of my articles and workshops.

7. Use exercise and nutrition for a peak mindset. You are designed to move and to eat meat. Move daily, eliminate sugar and eat meat. This is a vast topic and requires a book on it’s own. Do your own research but contrary to popular belief in spiritual circles, eating vegetables doesn’t make your vibrate higher.

The result of these 7 points are a clear mind. Words cannot do justice to the peace that comes with a clear mind. Live in the present moment

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