Understanding Emotions

Understanding emotions are imperative to raising consciousness. Without the ability to dissipate emotion your progress will be severely hampered. Here is a simple explanation of the interplay between feeling and emotion. Emotion is the relation between feeling and thought. The way it works is simple. When feeling is encountered and is subjected to you thinking about it, this reaction via thought is radiated into your astral body and emotion is generated.

This process can be done consciously and deliberately like when you taste food and contemplate and savour the taste, however it’s usually automatic.

In this automatic process the reaction instantly flashes from the area you are using to “sense” to your brain and from there onto your emotional body. Let’s say you suffer some type of physical harm – you would experience an immediate reaction that’s probably the feeling of pain and then something similar to fear and anger which are the emotions generated after the feeling

Emotion may also evoke desire. When your mind recognizes the feeling produced in the astral body and the emotion generated is pleasurable, then desire for the continuation or repetition is created. Conversely if the sensation is painful then your mental reaction would likely be for geared toward avoidance.

understanding emotions

Understanding Emotions & Health

Emotion has the ability to seriously affect your health. Most people are under the influence of emotion as they have not learnt how to dissipate the energy of emotion. They either suppress emotion which just hides it from their conscious mind, or they are governed by their emotional reactions. Your Vital body also known as your etheric body is the layer of your Aura closest to your physical body. This is tasked with sustaining your physical body, is governed and pushed to act via your emotions.

Emotions such as anger, fear and worry, in fact any emotion that gives constant irritation cause intense energy to flow into your Vital body and collect in your energy centers. This emotional turbulence plays out in your endocrine and nervous systems and translates to illness.


It’s possible to “think” your way through emotion and therefore nullify the majority of the effects of emotion. I often lead my clients through this type of process however doing this on your own whilst under personal emotional stress is extremely difficult if not impossible because emotion literally blocks your though process.

Another solution is simple acceptance and reframing via words and attitude of the conditions that occur to generate the emotion. You will often find that the occurrence is not under your control and unavoidable.

Last but not least, my favorite way of dealing with emotion is to conceptualize and physically identify your emotion and then proceed to remove it from your vital body. This requires some practice as the techniques involved can be tricky but this is a powerful way of healing that I have successfully applied to myself and coaching clients that are interested.

The ideal would be to achieve perfect poise. This  involves the complete mastering of the ability  of the astral body to influence you and overcoming or minimizing emotional upheavals. The relief from  emotional reaction  leads to considerably improved mental clarity clearer discrimination of both important and trivial matters and optimum health.

Here is a three part article I wrote on understanding your emotions that will give you some different insights.

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