Mantra Om Meditation

The mantra Om meditation is very powerful. Om is the most sacred symbol in Hinduism, it comes straight from the ancient Vedas and is considered the source of all mantras. The Universe is sound – frequency and amplitude. There is a complex symbolic association between letters, elements, gods, signs of the zodiac and parts of the body. Om represents the underlying unity of reality and is the seed syllable of the consonants, sibilants and vowels that represent Earth/Fire/Eye, Sky/ Air/Ear & Heaven/Sun/Mind.

Viewed through the religious belief system you could say that Om (sometimes known as Aum) is the name or symbol of God representing the past, present and future. The letter A represents the physical plane or creation, the letter U represents the mental and astral planes or manifestation and M represents the deep-sleep state or destruction.

Benefits Of Meditation

The practice of meditation can have a profound effect on your mind and body. Positive mood and outlook on life are two powerful ways that meditation will help you. Other benefits include, improved sleep, increased pain tolerance, decreased blood pressure and increased mental discipline. The ability to self-manage emotions and impulses behind addictive behavior.

The spiritual benefits include enhanced self awareness allowing a better YOU to emerge. Increases in empathy, kindness, compassion and harmony. The ability to reflect internally, increased emotional awareness, inner peace and liberation from suffering.

Mantra Om Meditation

By meditating on the mantra Om, different levels of your being, as they occur in your existence and are reflected in the universe, become integrated. This allows you to experience the harmony of life. The sound of repeating Om is known to have limitless psycho-therapeutic value, bringing inner peace and liberation from suffering. Focus on the repeating sound. Aim for transcendental states of realisation. The world is ONE.

The Mantra Om

Chanting the mantra Om during a meditation practice has a very profound effect, not only does it help focus and concentrate a wandering mind but the sound of the mantra om also purifies the environment around you. Nature and the chant of the mantra Om both vibrate at the frequency of 432 Hz, therefore powerfully connecting you with nature and the universe and allowing you to experience the harmony of life and inner peace.

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