Fear Limits You

Fear limits you. Thoughts bind you and beliefs control you. Enlightenment means taking responsibility for your life, discarding who you are not.

Fear Limits You


Fear, thoughts, beliefs and enlightenment — essential subjects on your spiritual journey. Fear limits you and is an interesting emotion and comes from a series of thoughts. These thoughts are expressed and form a picture of what you don’t want to happen.The ideal is to focus on what you do want to happen. Find out how to overcome fear in this article.

Here is a link to an article on how thoughts control you and how to control your thoughts. Enlightenment is an ideal state of being that can be achieved via an ongoing process. It is the process of allowing more light, or the maximum amount of consciousness to shine through your physical being. If you want to know more about enlightenment — read this article, “what is enlightenment?”

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