Heart Chakra Meditation

Play this heart chakra meditation music and do one or more of the following three things.

1. Focus on the picture with your heart center in mind. Watching the video will help you focus.

2. Close your eyes, mediate and focus on your heart chakra.

3. Play this music in the background and periodically focus on your heart center

In all cases – allow feelings to surface and FEEL them. Be mindful of what issues come to the surface when you are using this video. Allow and be compassionate and forgiving of yourself.

Heart Chakra

The Heart chakra is the fourth of the seven main chakras. It is located in the heart center above the Solar Plexus, and is green in color. Imbalances can occur in this chakra as a result of taking on responsibility for others and neglecting your own needs.

When the Heart chakra is functioning normally you are usually very good at loving. Not to be confused with being emotional. This energy center offers you real love, real friendships and true joy. You become spontaneous with your emotions and your heart is full and you want to share that love with anyone who wishes to feel it’s presence. You are kind, supportive, caring and understanding of others and their ways. You accept others and love them for who they really are.

It is the central chakra and the meeting place for your energies – linking the lower and higher energies of your energy system. When your heart chakra is balanced it gives you a feeling of peace with yourself and the environment. One method of healing, is to clear the chakra with white light and then bring green light in to replenish. Affirmations to assist are –

“I am an expression of unconditional love”
“I open myself to the good that exists in every human being”
“I open myself to the Divine and I am richly blessed”.


When functioning on the negative this chakra makes it hard for you to feel any real emotions. You feel your lovers, children, family and friends will not offer any richness or reward in your life. When your heart chakra is fragile it becomes vulnerable to pain, fear, sickness and a lack of life. You suffer from envy, jealousy, hatred and closed heartedness. There may be a tendency for drama and a demand for attention but refusing to give out in return. In other words thinking the world owes me, but I owe the world nothing in return.

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