Spiritual Music To Attract Love

This beautiful video of spiritual music to attract love is designed for those of you who are looking for love. This could be self love or to attract a partner. This spiritual music is designed to provoke “feeling” and secondly, healing. This opens the door for two fundamental spiritual principles that are required if you want love.

Attract Love

Almost everyone is looking for love of some type. Most people express this in the search for a partner. If you are looking to attract love but you can’t find it, think about these concepts.

There are two types the love. Loving yourself and loving or receiving love from another person/people. The law of attraction provides that you attract what you are. Simply give love or should I say “be” love and more love will flow toward you.

Life Reflects You

Life is a reflection of what you are. Simply look around you, study your life and you will learn about yourself and what you have attracted. Of course life can be complex and it’s not as easy as glancing outward occasionally, serious study is required to master this concept.

Self love is required in order to maximize the love that you receive from the outside world. Life reflects to you, what you are. Take this literally – but don’t dwell on every detail , look at and study the concept in a broader sense.

You can force the issue with a little magick but personally i would master this first.

Spiritual Music To Attract Love

The music in this video is healing. It periodically includes the sounds of energy clearing chimes designed to clear your space energetically. If you relax and allow yourself to absorb the frequency of this music you will receive its healing benefits. This spiritual music is ideal for relaxation. This background music / meditation music will help you relax your mind and body. It will allow you to open up and feel – which is required in order to experience love.

Two Fundamentals

There are two fundamental concepts that will help you attract love. Understand them and put them into practice.

Everything comes from your inner world and as such the way to access this is to be calm, slow down and relax. Relaxation is the gateway to your inner world and subsequent healing. If you are looking to attract love the easiest way is to study how you treat yourself. This can only be discovered through your self talk. Healing in this regard will enable you to not only have inner peace and calm but facilitate the attraction of love from a partner.

The second thing to consider are your feelings. Yes you have them – you are human. There is a difference between feeling and emotion. Some people completely block feeling and others are thrown around by the emotional waves that society or life in general frequently generates. Learn and understand how you operate. The video is filled with scenes of kittens. Who can’t love a kitten? Watch and feel – how blocked are you? … or are you driven to tears of emotion? Learn the subtle difference and control with out blocking.

Meditate Or Relax To Spiritual Music

Meditate or just relax to this peaceful background music – perfect for stress relief and a sound night of sleep. Watch the kittens and allow love to flow. Alternatively just listen with your eyes closed – tune into the soothing music as your mind and body is relaxed. The basis of all spirituality is to relax and allow yourself access to your inner world.

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