Physical, Astral & Divine Levels Of Existence

Let’s talk about the 3 levels of existence. Physical Astral and Divine. You have access to all three levels of existence depending on your state of vibration and ability.

The Physical Level

Let’s start with the physical in which we all live. This is the furthest point from source or God and it has the lowest or most dense vibration. We are here to embrace the physical nature that our soul have taken so that means experience and evolve through the lens of the physical world with a far away aim – toward reuniting with the energy known as God.

From what I’ve seen “spiritual” people have the hardest time mastering this because they will not embrace the physical and they often believe they are far more evolved than they really are – knowledge for entertainment and ego instead of practice. You need to resort more to physical solutions rather than always looking to “spirit”

It’s all about energy flow and processing through your physical body. All day long you are subjected to energy from the outside world and your internal world (like the last thought you had) It’s your job to process this energy – allow it move through you as unencumbered as possible.

The more of this consciousness you allow to flow through you the closer you get to the divine. When you die you have a greater chance of moving to higher planes of existence – rather being stuck in the astral world or returning physically in a body.

levels of existence

So why doesn’t this energy flow through you unencumbered?

You have emotional blocks and a distorted filter full of restrictive beliefs. You are also at the mercy of other peoples / entities energy. Let’s look at what happens…

Emotional blocks I have spoken about before ..
anytime you cant process thoughts properly emotions occur and block up your system and prevent the free flow of energy. They remain in you – in other words the older you get the worse it is.

Most interactions with other people create some sort of energy transfer when there is emotion involved. Most people don’t see that there is emotion involved unless the emotion is BIG, like when you burst with anger.

Sex creates very powerful energetic connections (variety of reasons) and if you are promiscuous or attend orgies, practice pagan or other magickal sex rituals – which are all fine (or attend the places this has happened in the past) – you need to be more sophisticated with protection rituals and spend more time cutting the energetic cords that are created (like straight afterwards) otherwise energetically you will be a mess (flows onto physical life)

Nonetheless you are making connections energetically all day long and worse you are picking up debris from strangers via interaction and thoughts moving to and fro. You cant avoid this but you can learn to “see” and cut these ties.

If you are not in your physical body – grounded and experiencing through your physical vehicle many problems arise. It means you are using the energy system of your your higher chakra’s instead of lower chakras like a non spiritual person or the complete and balanced system as its supposed to work.

To be grounded you need to be aware of your physical body – how it feels – what you feel but not lost in those feelings. You need to be able to experience life through your physical senses, be present for the vast majority of your day and access the spiritual but be able to come back and not spend too much time there.

It’s unlikely that you will be dong this unless you exercise (at least movement) and look after your physical body – conversely exercise and movement (amongst other things) is a fast way to ground yourself.

So for un-grounded people all energetic problems will be worse..

On the whole in the physical world you need to be clear of the interference of other peoples energy and also refine your personal energy system so that energy flows through you unencumbered.

Spiritual people who are attempting communication with the higher realms are in dire need of this because you dont know who you connecting with – your vibration will be a lot lower than you believe and the angel you are talking to may well be the spirit of a cheeky astral entity that’s enjoying being attached to you ..

Spiritual people who are not making money are not grounded – probably your lower chakras are blocked and you are running away from physical practicalities due to the romance of the spiritual.

The Astral Level

The astral level is the non-physical world that is closest to us here in the physical world. It’s closest to us in terms of energy or vibration. It’s a world of thoughts and emotions and extends all the way to the divine level.It can easily be accessed at any time. In fact every night when you sleep you enter this world – or I should say your soul or essence does. Most people have experienced this  through particular types of dreams.

Sometimes people remember the experience of flying in a dream. This is experiencing the freedom of moving in the astral without being encumbered by a physical body. However when you are in the astral world in your dream state – you are unconscious. In other words you don’t know you are dreaming.

Some people are lucky enough to have experienced a lucid dream – in which you know you are in a dream but you are only partially aware of this – sometimes in a lucid dream you can have partial control over that dream. If you are fully awake and conscious in the Astral you will have control over the way your dream pans out. Further to that you can deliberately enter the Astral level awake and conscious if you practice certain techniques. For me personally once I achieved this any remaining fear of death was removed because you directly experience being the soul that you are.

In the Astral world – once you master your thought processes, emotions, focus etc.. you can travel anywhere you want. Emotion and lack of focus will snap you back to your body and wake you up. There is a lifetime of study on this subject alone. The Astral level is extremely large and comprehensive as it’s the energy world that houses all our thought energy, independent thought forms, group thought forms and energy systems of the collective conscious (like the Akashic records) all types of entities both good and bad.

The Astral contains spirits both good and bad and includes some angels, demons and some of what we know as aliens. The astral world resembles our physical world in many parts but can be as wild and “different” as your thoughts permit.The astral level overlaps our physical world and extends all the way to the divine.

It consists of many layers which are really just divisions based on energy vibration. This where the concept of heaven and hell comes from. When you die you (your soul/ spirit/consciousness) leave your physical body and you enter the astral. At first you are in a shadow land that resembles your physical reality – this where a medium and or other people can speak to the dead – this is also the area that military remote viewers access for information because it is a reflection of our physical world but slightly different.

The astral world proper – then consists of a world of thought and emotion and different entities.

If you are in the lower realms of the Astral – the low vibration area’s – this is the area that is governed by strong emotion so you will find that the spirits of people that have problems are stuck here along with “bad” people (they are usually emotional – ie: a murderer often kills from extreme anger) and the bad low vibration entities.

This is the concept of hell. It will generate fear in you and your imagination will amplify the fear and images produced here. In contrast heaven is the opposite – it’s the high vibration area of the Astral level that is easily accessed by the divine beings and you will find much nicer spirits and entities here… like the guides that have your best interest at heart

This is the single most important reason to further your spiritual development. When you die – where you end up and what beings you access when you are there.

When you are awake here in the physical world or when you mediate you have limited access to the astral world… and beings from the astral world have limited access to you via your mind. As explained above – this still occurs through the matching of vibration.

If you are a low vibration person, en-evolved and emotional you will be limited to contact with beings (whoever they are) from the lower astral realms. Therefore when you communicate with your guides or God or Jesus or whatever ascended master you choose – the big question is – are you being duped???

Who are you really talking to? Just like a con artist can dupe you in the physical – the same happens in the Astral world.

This is the second most important reason to further your spiritual development – you can access and communicate with higher level beings.

Here in the physical world many people are influenced by beings of all types from the lower astral levels. Anyone who drinks alcohol to the point of being a little drunk is in danger of this – but not just whilst they are drunk – the entity can latch onto your energy system and stay. Anyone who takes mind altering drugs will experience the same. Anyone who has blocks or problems of the emotional type can fall under the influence of lower level beings. This sounds unfair but that’s the way it is.

Irrespective of your vibrational state and the type of beings you attract – when you have sex of any type including solo – you are open to, two way communication with all sorts of beings/entities in the astral world – this can be very powerful because you can use it to connect and to serve your purposes – but the flip side is you can have the wrong type of entity latch onto you and if unaware you wouldn’t know it’s happening.

Think about it this way – where do your thoughts come from? Why do you think a particular thing, rather than another? This is partly answered in the arena of personal development – you have a filter and belief systems etc. but if you watch carefully you might be surprised at what pops into your head and causes you to move in a particular direction.Nothing to be afraid of – just more reason to advance yourself spiritually and take safe guards.

The Divine

This level is the furthest from our physical level and adjoins the astral level. This is the level in which you will find the divine beings such as the Archangels, Ascended Masters and first principal being’s called Logos that correspond to many of the physical things we experience like the planets in our solar system. (too much for this article)

There are 4 Archangels according to some traditions including Islam, The Jewish tradition and Christianity recognises 7 Archangels. Some esoteric systems recognise more than 7 Archangels.

The Ascended Masters are beings that have evolved past their physical nature to the level of the divine. They help humanity from their light body form – sometimes resuming human form to help mankind. The most well known of these beings are Jesus, Buddha and Maitreya.

By now you will have worked out that at this level the vibration is high and a long way from our physical world. You can access the divine from the physical by calling on these beings but direct contact usually only occurs in the astral world. You can raise your vibration to access the astral and they can lower theirs to do the same.

In my view contact with divine beings is preferable – especially for beginners because they will have your best interests at heart. Other beings can help you literally which sounds good but can be incredibly disruptive especially in attaining large goals. Consider the problem in the following simple example.

Request = large sum of money

Answer = Spouse dies in car accident and insurance payout occurs.

* This is obviously not the intended result.

If you want go further in accessing any of the higher being at the divine level there are much more powerful ways than just a simple call. Details of which can be found in many of the occult traditions. Essentially this is done by inducing a trance state, using your power of command to call their correct name whilst viewing their corresponding Sigil.

Astute readers will now link the fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin. Once she discovered the “name” of the strange creature she had made a deal with – she had power over him. This is the way it can work – knowing the “name” of the entity can give you power over it – once again in my view – a cooperative more friendly relationship will be to your advantage and prevent trouble further along.

Your own clarity of mind and state of vibration plays a huge role in who or what you can talk to. The more work you have done on yourself – the more blocks you have cleared – allows you access to beings of higher vibration.

Remember we don’t all start from the same place nor do we have the same blocks. What has taken me 20 years to achieve – you may have been born with. You might find you can access the divine in a matter of weeks or it may take you 50 years.

Last but not least let me say one thing for the non believers or those of you who want to believe – but can’t quiet get there. If you are even reading this you are probably interested in the spiritual. The way I see it is – use it as a “system” to advance yourself. Even it’s not true and you are talking to your self rather than a distinctly separate entity – either way the system still works. It’s good to have some scepticism and find out the truth / your truth for yourself. The system works and can be used to further your life in hundreds of ways – if you allow it to work – don’t get caught up in what’s true and what’s not true – paralysis by analysis is not good.

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  1. Cynthia Kelley Studebaker

    I am interested with this because all my life since I can remember, I ‘dreamed’ , I flew like the birds and along them. Sometimes I dreamed ,I flew above people and could hear there conversation. This was always so puzzling to me, but I seem to be more understanding of t This more. where and what should I read or study from here. Thank You, Cynthia


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