Why Am I Single?

If you are asking “why am I single or struggling with relationships I’m going to answer that question for you. There are six reasons from a spiritual perspective that will help you understand the questions, why am I single? Why am I struggling with relationships?

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Who Are You Attracting?

Spiritually you attract who you are. In other words like attracts like. You resonate to a frequency and you therefore attract other people like you. Do you see the problem? You better make sure you have a great relationship with yourself. Make sure you love yourself or at least like yourself. Be happy with who you are because if you can’t love yourself it makes it unlikely that you can love others. The person you attract will be like you and therefore the relationship will be difficult. Two people coming together who are pushing against love.

Have you watched a Law Of Attraction video and you thought, yes, that’s easy I’m set. I will make a long list of attributes and “abracadabra” surely the person of my dreams will pop up. Remember you get what you are – so look closely at the list make sure that the person described is you. Even though it’s great to be specific, when you review what you really want you could loosen up on some of the detail which will broaden your options.

Emotional Intelligence

It’s important for you to increase your emotional intelligence and self awareness. When you are unaware of what goes on in your inner world you will struggle to negotiate any relationship. For example, there will be no compromise in arguments. You may find yourself always trying to be right or one of many other thousands of potential traps that can stump your relationship.

Are you still emotionally attached to the last person you had a relationship with? This makes it impossible to have a successful relationship with your new partner. In the video I explain two reasons why this happens. Don’t forget you have to be happy with being single because that means you like yourself. It means that you are not in need. When you have a need it equals a strong emotional push toward the hidden thought process, “I am not whole – I am incomplete and this is the type of person you attract. Don’t forget the question, “why am I single” is fully answered in the video.

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