Reasons The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work

In this video I answer a question I get asked often – “What is the law of attraction”? I also discuss nine different reasons the law of attraction doesn’t work to your liking. I could really rephrase that as, the law of attraction is always on and working – it’s just that a lot of people have trouble making it work for them – attracting what they want.

The beauty of the world around you, is that it shows you who and what you are – it acts as your reflection and when it comes to answering the question – “what is the law of attraction?” You will find that your reflection shows you, your current vibration and what you are attracting. This acts as a feedback mechanism that you have at your disposal. You can use this as a very powerful tool to improve your life.

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Video – What Is The Law Of Attraction?

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When people argue against law of attraction they say things like;

“If I create my own reality, why on earth did I create this”?

“I can’t be creating my reality because I never would have chosen this”.

This is the main reason people struggle with the law of attraction. If you look at the larger picture as per the video – you find that these questions are answered for you.

How You Use Your Power To Create

You create the reality you experience in your life with your intent, thoughts, feelings and emotions. You are an energy being so these in turn create a tone or a vibration that acts as a magnet drawing toward you similar people, experiences or events. What you have created with your intent, thoughts, feeling and emotion is your reflection of you.

Remember that your dominant vibration draws situations of similar vibration to you. The reason it is difficult to control is that most of the time you are creating unconsciously attracting what you already are – instead of what you want. Think about this – because it has serious implications. It happens this way because you are not consciously aware of what you are thinking or what you believe. Thoughts generate emotions. Your emotions push you to make unconscious choices, often different to what you want deep down inside. The video shows you nine reasons this may be happening and if you want to take this further you should check out my online “Speed2Enlightenment” workshop where I teach you how to master this.

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2 Responses to “Reasons The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work”

  1. Ronald T Markus

    Hi Aymen,
    In the webinar you mentioned that you employed a healer who used spiritual intelligences or agencies to remove some of your deepest unconscious blocks, and that they were karmic, my question is; would this be a good way to cope with negative (to your individual perception) energy? To reiterate; negative energy that is residual or deeply embedded in your body of light or your spirit, traumatic or strong emotional memories. I realize that I have this perception of karma as something like a mathematical slingshot, delivering the energies you propagate straight back to you proportionately, and that it is essentially inescapable.

    Did you have what you perceived as a good experience with the healer? What were the immediate and distinctive effects? Can an ordinary individual achieve a cleansing like you have described on their own, or is a healer a good idea? I have been able to do it to some extent following some extreme life trauma triggers surfacing, but I think I still have some things stuck in my craw as they say.

    I am enjoying this program immensely, I feel energized when I learn new things and karma is a difficult concept, so looking forward to your input.

    1. Hi Ron, this is a complex issue and I will try and break it down. The healer I used was a very good Reiki healer. (This was 20 or more years ago) My understanding of Reiki is that the healer is a channel for divine energy. The healing comes from the patient not the channel. So a good healer is reasonably clear and powerful enough to “bring in” enough energy to do the job.

      Irrespective of the ability of the healer she did not know what was going on or was going to transpire. She thought i was relaxed and perhaps dozing off – and i did.

      However i was popped into the Astral realm (I suspect I had some help from an entity because it was a very powerful experience including the fact that I could recollect it, in detail) During my travels in the Astral I met a divine being who performed a healing on me. This was very emotionally traumatic during the process, but bought a huge feeling of relief on completion. Like a large weight had been lifted. The being gave me some information including that much of my Karma had been removed/balanced (I don’t have access to my old journal at the moment for the exact details) the way it was explained to me was that a certain amount of Karma was removed so that I was tipped over the 50% mark.

      The 50% balance explanation was given in the context of l”life will improve and change now” I didn’t understand at the time that Karma was only emotional imbalance. At the healing when awake again, we saw a distinct unmistakable light pattern in the room which served as a marker to alert me that this was a very significant supernatural experience.

      So to answer your questions;

      The healer did not employ anything – this type of experience comes from the consciousness of the person involved (being healed). This is why I teach what I teach. When you get to the modules related to removal of emotion inside you, in effect you will be doing the same thing. That is – removing the built up / stored emotion that has karmic pull in your existence.

      Negative energy may or may not be a different thing. You would need to define exactly what you mean by that? The reason i say this is because emotion is NOT negative energy – it’s more like confused and blocked energy. It doesn’t have a good/bad bias – it relates directly to the related issue. We sometimes see it as bad because we experience it as pain.

      Karma is just the pull of this unbalanced emotional energy – it holds no judgement. (I will do a video and article soon)

      Yes it was a great experience and my life changed dramatically afterwards (for the better) in a million ways – that was a major turning point.

      Everyone is an ordinary individual and we can all access this type of healing. You are in the early stages of my online workshop – once you get to the emotional release you are essentially performing the same work on yourself that this being performed on me. That’s why I teach it. You may not be able to do the same amount in one session but you have the tool and if it takes longer it just means it will be a gentler process.

      I hope that answers all your questions? In the FB group please clarify what you mean by negative energy – in particular if you think you are directly experiencing it.


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