What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual?

What does it mean to be spiritual? It’s different for everyone. I’d love to know what it means for you? Let me know in the comments below because it’s an individual path and its different for everyone. I’m going to tell you what it means for me and I am going to cover this in 8 points that I have experienced on my spiritual journey. Some of these points you will know and some you may not have contemplated yet.

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What does it mean to be spiritual?

For me it means…

1. Learning About My Inner World

Learning about my inner world has been a big part of my spiritual journey. We all start life on the even keel of being “young” and it takes a while to understand and start to see your world of thoughts, feelings and emotions. This learning is ongoing because we have many layers to our being.

2. Understanding Ego

Understanding my ego – we all have one it’s serves as a protector but it works through fear. It be tamed. It’s the negative part of you which is sometimes called your lower self – as opposed to you higher self. Your ego is very dominant in your early life and as you get older and wiser, you learn to keep it at bay. It’s an ongoing process because there are so many layers to it.

3. Energy

Learning and understanding about energy has been an important part of my journey. We are all energy beings and we are all connected. You have the ability to read and feel energy from others around you. The aim is to get the frequency of your energy up high so you can attract positive things – being people and opportunity into your life.

4. Unseen Entities

Understanding there are unseen entities around me – you too. That means there could be ghosts, spirits and non sentient thought forms – good and bad. You have spirit guides and maybe even mischievous entities of different types helping or hindering you. You can work with them or get rid of them, either way, the idea is to learn more about them, who is around you and if you wish communicate with them.

5. Personal Development

Personal development – with a spiritual flavor of course – that’s my speciality. I believe that we are all  here to in part refine our energy and lift our vibration so in effect we are all moving toward spiritual enlightenment. You just need to learn the techniques that will get you there.

6. Connection

Learning to connect to other people a deeper level has been an ongoing process for me and probably for most people. I started very shy and reserved but have learnt over the years that a deep connection has many benefits for both parties. The only thing that prevents that is your fear.

7. The Meaning Of Life

Finding meaning in life, or you might view this as finding the meaning to life. I think I’ve found it but you may have your own idea’s. Not everyone is even looking for this, some people don’t care or can’t look deeply enough so they ignore spirituality and in particular this part of it. It’s a complex question and there is no right or wrong answer – you have to decide for yourself.

8. What It Is Not

Let me also mention what spirituality is not. I am bringing this up because so many people stumble on this. Being spiritual does not mean you need to be religious. It’s a completely different path where there are guidelines instead of dogmatic rules. It’s also not about morals. You can adhere to any moral code you wish. You have free will and you can in fact have no morals at all. It’s up to you. Lastly I want to let you know that – it’s not about saving the planet, the whales, the environment or any other person. Of course you can do this many people find meaning in their lives in this way. You can still be spiritual if you don’t.

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