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Sigils for love uses the power of your subconscious mind and some other energies such as supernatural entities, to allow you to find a suitable love match. Goal setting is a very simple way you can move forward. There are a surprising number of people who are dead set against the idea of goal setting. What they fail to realise is that they are unconsciously setting goals via their subconscious mind every day. Having a future love interest, or a relationship in mind is actually goal setting.  I think it’s far better for you to learn how to master the technique of goal setting, embrace it and make conscious choices to direct your life rather than letting your life slip by without a whimper.

Sigils for love show you a much more interesting – and fun way of goal setting. Most people unwittingly live their lives in an unconscious state and without direction life tends to be less than rewarding. I’m glad to say that control and direction can be found easily and the rewards are enormous. When you set goals you are attempting to create pictures and concepts and then place them into our subconscious mind. Modern methods include guided mediation, subconscious imprinting exercises, writing and repeating affirmations and creating vision boards.

sigils for love
Here is another interesting way to take an affirmation and place it into your subconscious mind. Sigils for love is not well known in the mainstream because it’s origins are with the esoteric arts. Occult practitioners in particular, ceremonial magicians have been using sigils as a method to call upon all sorts of supernatural entities for centuries.

What Is A Sigil?

It is thought that the term sigil comes from either the Latin sigillum, meaning “seal” or Hebrew segula meaning “word, action, or item of spiritual effect, like a Talisman”. It’s part of our current English words; signature, signal and sign. These three words can be interpreted as follows;

  • Evidence of confirming and authorising something. We often use our signature to confirm or authorise something via a document.
  • Something visible that indicates the existence of something else. We use our name to represent ourselves and companies use names and symbols of representation.
  • A thing that by which something is represented or made known. Traffic lights are the perfect example of this as they represent the junction of two roads and the different colours tell us what to do.

So we can say a sigil is a visible symbol that represents something. Signs of the zodiac are common esoteric sigils, each representing concepts and abstract qualities that have been assigned to each sign. Occult literature is full of seals, symbols and sigils that are used for a variety of purposes. They are commonly found on talismans, pentacles, magickal circles of protection and inscribed on elaborate ceremonial robes used in rituals. We are interested in achieving goals and effecting change in our lives. Sigils can be used specifically for this purpose and this method comes from modern day practice known as Chaos Magick.


Austin Osman Spare

The following concept is mostly attributed and popularised by esoteric artist Austin Osman Spare (1888-1956), who published a method by which the words of a statement of intent are reduced into an abstract design. The created sigil is then charged with the will of it’s creator. Spare’s technique is now known as sigilization and has become a core element of chaos magick.

There is no strict definition of sigilization and as such the proponents of Chaos Magick, which in itself is inherently individualistic, prepare, cast and metaphysically charge their sigils in a untold number of unique ways.
They are used not only in attaining goals and bending reality to your will but in the creation of entities such as “thought forms”. Like any other goals setting methods we are reminded of the famous occultist Aleister Crowley’s injunction to work “without lust of result.” Emotional love or revenge “spells” rarely work if the person setting the goal is consumed by the desire for the result.

love sigils austin osman spare
Austin Osman Spare

The Theory Behind Sigils & Why They Work

There are many ways of describing or explaining exactly how goal setting works. Creating a sigil or performing any magick is not much different. The “why” behind how it works is irrelevant to the chance of it working. You do not have to believe anything to perform the activities of sigil magick and to create a sigils for love.

I like to say, use one of the many models that explain the process, as it will help you get your mind around it and stops you from thinking negatively about what you are doing.

Here are a few of the beliefs that can be adopted:

    • A Higher Power/s – When you cast a sigil you are calling upon an unseen being/s who can interact with the universe and bring about the changes you require. These beings have certain characteristics that you must know to work with them.
    • Magical – The universe is connected by occult links, which can be mapped by correspondences. By burning a red candle you can cause anger on the part of another person without there being a visible connection.
    • Collective Consciousness – Our unconscious mind is tied to the rest of the people in the world and this can be extended to non physical entities. By focusing on the desired aim you alert the collective unconscious mind to your need and it responds accordingly, usually through the actions of others.

Construction Of A Sigil

The creation of sigils for love – in fact any sigil, has two parts; construction and casting. In the first part, the sigil you design and create is a physical item (You can also create a visual sigil with the same process), and in the second part, it is empowered to make it come alive. Start by stating your goal. Make sure it’s simple enough to explain in one sentence. You need to write your affirmation in the present tense,

“I am in a loving relationship”

Use the rule “You have to know it when you see it.” You can’t create a sigil from “I will be happy when I have a loving relationship”

An easy way to construct a sigil (there are many ways) is to write your affirmation and remove the vowels. You can then further reduce the left over written sentence until you are left with a symbolic representation of the affirmation.

“I am in a loving relationship”


You can go further and use your artist skills to create a symbol. You can create sigils for love from the alphabet as above or one of the many symbolic systems; Art, Runes, Correspondences, Numbers etc. there are hundreds. Just keep it clear and uncluttered.

Sigils For Love – Execution

There are numerous methods by which your sigil can be cast.  The common element to these methods, like any ritual is a repetitive nature and the all-consuming manner by which your method takes over your conscious mind.

  • Music  – The use of drums, clapping, white noise or repetitive synth-like sounds can lead to the required state in which to cast your sigil. Use distinct sound not background music when you do this.
  • Mantra – Create a sigil which can be a sound and then repeat it. Alternatively your affirmation can be reduced to a word which can be repeated over and over. I used to do this when I exercised in particular running.
  • Mediation -You can meditate whilst you hold and visualise a picture of your sigil.
  • States of exhaustion can be used. In this state your conscious mind releases its grip and staring at your sigil for long periods can induce the desired effect.
  • Sex – Sex can be used to charge the sigil and this can be done alone or with partner(s) depending on your resources and preferences. The point of orgasm is used as the charging moment. You can heighten the effect with prolonged sexual activity without orgasm. This leads to a trance-like state and has the desired effect of imprinting your sigil in your subconscious mind.


It’s important to forget the sigil after the ritual has finished. I like to burn it. I record the fact that I performed the ritual in a diary which is handy when you look back and it creates a great learning tool for further work. It’s not practical to; not think of your goals, but it’s imperative to remove the emotional tie to the result. You need to be aware of the thoughts and emotions you have on a moment to moment basis otherwise you can easily undo any goal setting exercise and make no forward progress. Being present, standing apart from, watching your thought process and finally escaping the trap of emotion is the basis of my life coaching – of course there is so much more but these three techniques ensure that your goals setting can proceed with success.

What’s Next?

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