Emotional Blocks Stop You Getting What You Want

Why do you get emotional blocks and what do they prevent you from doing? This is in response to someone’s question in regard to weight gain and why they could never stick to a diet and they progressively got heavier as time went by. This applies to any subject not just weight gain. Most people have emotional blocks on all sorts of things for example money. They increase their earnings to a certain level and then they can go any further because of their block. Even with incredible talent, hard work once they exceed their ceiling – then “Bang” something happens to make them stop earning or they lose wealth they had accumulated. They return to the level just below their emotional cap.

How Emotional Blocks Happen

As a human you are like an energy processing machine and when you are subject to internal or external stimulus it creates thought. When you can’t process this thought then emotion is generated. Emotion is then stuck in your body and acts as a blockage to the free flow of energy.  This emotional block prevents you from getting what you want and moving forward in the area’s you desire.

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What’s Next

Emotion creates resistance to what you don’t want and this becomes your dominant vibration. Remember that your dominant vibration draws situations of similar vibration to you. The reason it is difficult to control is that you don’t see this happening – it’s fast and occurs subconsciously.

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