Reach Your Potential

How do you reach your potential? I’m going to tell you the number one reason you are not able to reach your full potential and what you can do to change that right now.My names Aymen and I can help you, but first tell me — what are you actually looking for in life?

Most people say things like …

“I want a great relationship”

“A successful business or career” — “more money” and of course there are many other things like freedom, security, peace and influence over your own future. Whatever it is? It all boils down to – happiness.

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You are trying to attain what you think will make you happy. Now listen carefully – Happiness comes from the inside and THEN you get those things. You see when you are happy you’re able to reach your full potential. All of the things I just mentioned like relationships and success just fall into place because you’ll be inspired to take the correct course of action that allows them to happen.

Reach Your Potential

So what”s your potential anyway? The personal development industry has sucked you into believing that everyone can be Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or Arnold Schwarzenegger – it’s NOT true. The industry thrives on false hope.

We’re all unique – with our own desires and talents – and what works for one won’t work for another but don’t be discouraged because I guarantee you that your potential is far greater than what you are achieving now. I know this because I have helped literally thousands of people – lift and achieve their potential since 1992. I’ve done literally tens of thousands of hours of coaching and workshops so I know what I’m talking about …

You have more in you.

I’ve never met anyone who can’t make their life better in a massive way and the “way” of your choosing.

Try Try Try

Now what’s really funny is that so many people don’t even try because they think that means hard work – but it’s the opposite. When you reach for your potential your energised and invigorated – things will seem effortless. This is the state you want to be in. You are travelling in the right direction and effort and energy is maximised.

So the reason you’re not reaching your full potential is …

Self Awareness

Low Self Awareness is the number one reason that you cannot reach your potential. One of psychology’s most consistent findings is that untalented people think they are more talented than they really are AND talented people think they are less talented than they really are. You can see most people have a problem when it comes to potential.

Self awareness is a complex subject – but it’s my speciality. Everything in your outer world originates from your internal world of thoughts, emotion and energy. I don’t mean you can magically think a new Lamborghini into your garage – what I mean is the way you are set up internally dictates the people and opportunities that are drawn to you and your subsequent inspired action. This is action that you need to take because you live in a physical world.

When you know what your doing – this action is inspired because you’ll be living in the flow, learning how to manifest better, using intuition and attracting the right people and opportunities. But self awareness is a lot more complicated than that.

Who Are You?

As a soul occupying the space “around” a human body – you’re really an energy being and such you need to learn about the energy that is “You” This energy is influenced by thoughts, emotions and consciousness. Your own – and that of other people and “entities” that you may not be aware of but you come into contact with – everyday.

If you don’t learn to master your internal system of thoughts, emotion and energy you stand no chance of reaching your potential. You won’t know in which direction your thoughts point you. This is the case because you can’t see the 50,000 thoughts you have every day. You don’t know how to work with those thoughts – get on top of them and create a flow that goes toward what you desire.

You’ll be at the mercy of your emotional makeup – that means the thoughts you can’t fully process turn into emotions – which in turn are stored in your body. This pushes away many of the things you desire and attracts the negative that you’re trying to keep away.

Without an understanding of your own energy and how to enhance it you are at the mercy of others, easily influenced and manipulated by those other people and the entities that we have in our environment.

What To Do?

The only way you can overcome these hurdles and reach your potential is to master your inner world. You do this to the point of high self-awareness. That way you are in the flow – so that you understand what really makes you happy and in which direction to strive.

You’ll go through three steps as taught in my workshops or private coaching;

  1. Master your mind
  2. Release emotion
  3. Control and create your reality.

Let me know what you have done and how its worked for you? Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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