I Deserve Better

I’m going to explain why the phrase “I deserve better” is just not true – you don’t deserve any more than you’ve got already. When you say I deserve better you are just plain wrong. The personal development industry has let you down, fed you lies and given you false hope.

When you use the term “I deserve” it implies you have done something and now you will get a reward. The word deserve actually means  – to be worthy of  – to claim a reward.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s not like someone’s keeping tally – the law of good karma or the God of hard work for underappreciated people in the western world – does not exist.

In this video I explain why you don’t deserve anything more than what you already have and what to do to change that.

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Two Common Scenario’s

I hear it all the time “I deserve better ” “I deserve love” just plain “I deserve” most often it comes up in two area’s

  1. Relationships where something has gone wrong – or is not to someone’s liking.
  2. Success where you are not getting the success you think you should as a result of what you have done.

Whoever told you that you are deserving has mislead you. A good portion of the personal development industry sells you energy and hope, but don’t fall for the trap that you will get what you want without some radical change on your behalf. If this wasn’t required you would already have what you’re looking for.

Think about it? You need to do something to get something that you haven’t already got. Do you remember the cliché “the definition of insanity is doing the same over and over again and expecting a different result”.

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