Being Alone Vs Lonely

Are you alone or are you lonely? This is an interview and discussion regarding alone vs lonely – why are you lonely and what’s missing from your life? I answer both questions. This is part of episode 7 of the now defunct radio show “Inspired By” where I was interviewed by Gaynor Lawton.

Here are some of the points covered;

  • What’s the difference between being alone Vs lonely. Is there even a difference?
  • Being part of a community can alleviate being alone but not loneliness.
  • Society seems to condemn those that are alone or choose to be alone. Why do people think it’s wrong to be alone?

  • We can easily stop being alone through community and society however advances in technology and convenience create opportunity for isolation and therefore facilitates being alone.
  • Joining groups to combat loneliness or to stop being alone.
  • Through these groups you can learn about about “Identity” & “Judgement”
  • Community or Tribes – reflect that we are all one.
  • The positives and negatives of a community.

being alone vs loneliness

  • Past experiences and rejections often make people choose to be alone.
  • When you are alone, what do you attract / reflect?
  • Celebrity is the great irony – it creates the perception of being popular and living a full life however many celebrities cannot leave their house without a plan to avoid their fans – Are they lonely but never alone!
  • For those of you who don’t realise we are all one it can be lonely in a crowded room!
  • If you feel alone, you are not connected to your spiritual being. It’s your spiritual connection that allows you to conquer loneliness.
  • How to connect spiritually
  • How to stop loneliness
  • Loneliness is a silent killer of people.
  • Common distractions from loneliness – Alcohol – Drugs – Television

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