Being Alone Vs Lonely

Are you alone or are you lonely? This is an interview and discussion regarding alone vs lonely – why are you lonely and what’s missing from your life? I answer both questions. This is part of episode 7 of my old radio show “Inspired By” where I was interviewed on this topic in 2016

Here are some of the points covered;

  • What’s the difference between being alone Vs lonely. Is there even a difference?
  • Being part of a community can alleviate being alone but not loneliness.
  • Society seems to condemn those that are alone or choose to be alone. Why do people think it’s wrong to be alone?

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  • We can easily stop being alone through community and society however advances in technology and convenience create opportunity for isolation and therefore facilitates being alone.
  • Joining groups to combat loneliness or to stop being alone.
  • Through these groups you can learn about about “Identity” & “Judgement”
  • Community or Tribes – reflect that we are all one.
  • The positives and negatives of a community.

being alone vs loneliness

  • Past experiences and rejections often make people choose to be alone.
  • When you are alone, what do you attract / reflect?
  • Celebrity is the great irony – it creates the perception of being popular and living a full life however many celebrities cannot leave their house without a plan to avoid their fans – Are they lonely but never alone!
  • For those of you who don’t realise we are all one it can be lonely in a crowded room!
  • If you feel alone, you are not connected to your spiritual being. It’s your spiritual connection that allows you to conquer loneliness.
  • How to connect spiritually
  • How to stop loneliness
  • Loneliness is a silent killer of people.
  • Common distractions from loneliness – Alcohol – Drugs – Television

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2 Responses to “Being Alone Vs Lonely”

  1. How about if you don’t feel lonely when you are actually physically alone, but you do feel lonely say when your spouse returns home, especially when you are in the same space. How can I discovery why this is? How can I resolve this/

    1. Hi Frances, this is addressed in the video above…

      If you feel alone, you are not connected to your spiritual being. It’s your spiritual connection that allows you to conquer loneliness…

      another way of looking at this issue is that your partner is a reflection of your connection with yourself. Perhaps look inward and understand why you are not connecting with others?


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