Why The Power Of Positive Thinking Is Not Working For You

You might find that today’s message on, why the power of positive thinking is not working for you – will help you a lot in the future.  You probably already know the power of positive thinking – that an optimistic outlook will serve you well.

Being involved with many entrepreneurs, business owners and sales people – on the whole they are an energetic and upbeat lot. It’s common to hear from them – and from the success guru’s, a whole range of uplifting phrases based on the concept of positive thinking.

Think positive.
Be happy
Love yourself
Don’t sweat the small stuff

It all sounds great and it’s certainly true or good advice – so why doesn’t the power of positive thinking work for you? 

People seem to always agree with the concepts and they often say – “yes I’m doing that” or “great idea I’ll do that” BUT there seems to be a lot of smoke and mirrors because most people can’t be positive.

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Are You Negative?

Having helped thousands of people – maybe even more, over the last 20 years. I know for a fact, that many people PRETEND they can think positive, PRETEND they are happy, but they are not this way at all – on the inside.

If you don’t have the benefit of observation, just have to look at the statistics on mental health. With estimations that 45% of people will suffer from a mental health issue and hundreds of millions of people suffering anxiety, depression and unhappiness.

There is a massive reason for this.

You are not taught how your mind works. It’s easy to say I believe in the power of positive thinking but impossible to just “think positive” at will.

Your first thought comes out great. Then following that you have about 3 thoughts per second. I bet you don’t know what your ninth and tenth thoughts are? In fact if you are like most people, by the end of the day you will have had 17 positive thoughts and around 49,983 negative or neutral thoughts.

Learn How Your Mind Works

This happens because you are not taught “how” your mind and thinking process works.  You not practicing what’s required to become a positive thinker because no one has shown you “how to” It’s likely you are not exploring and then removing the emotions that allow you happiness and self love. You don’t have the tools to train yourself to focus on the bigger picture because your mind sticks to the” small stuff”

Here is a video on how to control your thoughts which explains just what to do.
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